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Kwentong Kalye 2: Why are you so excited, Manong?

Setting: In an FX Taxi (a Toyota van):

Female passenger (telling her companions): Hey, libre nyo naman ako.
(hey, take care of my fare ok?)

Another female passenger: hahaha…ganon!

Female passenger: Yes, Php12 lang naman.
(It’s only 12 pesos!)

Driver (overhearing the conversation): 13 pesos na po!
(It’s already 13 pesos.)

Female passenger: Ha? Sa Monday pa Manong ang fare hike ah. Masyado ka namang excited!
(What? The fare hike is yet on Monday? Why are you so excited, Mister!?!)


Kwentong Kalye 1: We’ll still be cooking it, sir!

We decided to have lunch at Jollibee Merville one time. I was at the counter waiting for my order when I overheard this conversation between the old man (OM) and the counterlady (CL) on my right side.

CL: Sir, mga 15 minutes pa po.
(Sir, your order will take about 15 minutes.)

OM: Ha, bakit?

CL: Kasi, sir, lulutuin pa po, eh.
(We’ll still be cooking it, sir.)

OM: Ano, tanghali na magluluto pa kayo? Pambihira!
(What? It’s almost 12 noon, and you’re still going to be cooking? You’re impossible!)


Loose translation:
Kwentong Kalye = Pedestrians’ Stories

In local parlance, this is “Mga Kwentong Kalye.” Stories that we hear from the streets or things we experience on the streets.

If you have your own “kwentong kalye” do share them here. :)