Monthly Archives: September 2008

The Day I Walked Around Binondo

The last time I went to Binondo and walked its streets was when I was still in college. And I tell you, it was a looong time ago. 😀

Thanks to my blogger-friends, Ric, Melo, Diane, and Bernie, who invited me to come along with them. Knowing that it would be a walking tour, I wore my most comfortable Havaianas.

I will let the photos speak from this point on…

The Philippine Blog Awards 2 was a Success!

The 2008 Philippine Blog Awards culminated last night, and I missed it. I made it to the list of attendees, and would have wanted to go but it was a long story (mostly involving the DLSU-ADMU match at UAAP).

I cannot say that I preferred the latter to the former, but Wizheart and my sons had already made plans. Still we all tried to catch up with the PBA but failed.

Oh well, there’s always a next time. :)

Meanwhile, I would like to congratulate all the winners, and the organizers. I heard it was one successful event!

Check out the winners HERE. The photos HERE.

Sentro’s Lunch Delight

Sentro’s lunch delight was the perfect fare for three good friends. Yesterday, my good friend Leslie treated me and Agnes to a birthday lunch. Initially, we were undecided about having it at Haiku or Sentro, all in Greenbelt 3.

We opted for Sentro. We gobbled down these yummy food.

The vegetable rolls were not as expected—there was something about its smell. We suspected it was because of the oil. A waitress went to our table to ask how we were doing so far, and Agnes told her about the rolls. She apologized and excused herself. About a couple of minutes after, another lady, this time the manager came and said that she heard about the rolls, and so politely asked permission to take the rolls back to the kitchen and have them checked.

Much later, she came back and told us that the rolls were freshly cooked, and that their chef used fresh oil. But, if we really didn’t like the rolls, we could order another dish to replace it. In any case, she added, “we won’t be charging your for the rolls.”

We didn’t get another one because we thought our order was just enough for the three of us. But now as I recall, yeah, why didn’t we, I wonder? Perhaps we were too engrossed with our chat. From then on, the waitress would then keep on checking on us and asking us if we would like another order.

The glass noodles were the best! The halo-halo was so so, and so were the other dishes. We’ve had better dishes the last time we were there though. So maybe we just happened to pick out their not-so-good ones. 😉

Overall, Sentro’s lunch was a delight. After all, the conversations and friendship were far more important than any food or place.

Happy birthday again, Leslie! I wish the wish you wish! :)

A Vote for “My Boring Life… Now a Blog”

The 2008 Philippine Blog Awards has been accepting nominations for the blogs of your choice. There is a long list of good blogs, worth my votes actually. That was why I asked if I could cast more than one vote. I didn’t get a clear answer, or maybe I was too distracted to get the answer. Hay!

Anyway, I’m voting for My Boring Life… Now a Blog. The first thing I notice about this blog, is it’s layout. To me, it’s organized, and the posts are arranged in boxes and already categorized. I browsed the blog further, and I found myself enjoying its posts–well written (no glaring grammatical lapses at least), the topics are varied and interesting.

And because the blogger is a 17-year-old, there’s a certain freshness in his posts. When I read them, I get to see the world from the eyes of a 17-year-old.

So, there, go over to the voting page and choose a blog to vote for.

The Blogger’s Choice Award is sponsored by the following:

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I Miss My Long Hair

I was lining up for a shuttle to work one day, and saw this woman ahead of me. I didn’t mean to malign or embarrass her, but I was just surprised to see someone sporting this very long hair.

My mother and I used to wear our hair this long. She had this same length of hair till I was two years old. I saw it in pictures. Me, I had my hair up to my butt, too, till I was in Grade 3. My father liked it when we had long hair.

We cut it for obvious reasons. It was high maintenance! 😀

Bag of Beans: Finding Good Food On the Road

If you’ve been traversing Tagaytay highway, I’m sure you’ve heard of Bag of Beans, may even have stopped by and sampled their goodies.

That was what we did two weekends ago. We had to visit a friend in Cavite and decided to go up to Tagaytay on our way home. Long way off, I know, but there was a long weekend, and so we wanted to just drive around.

Wizheart and I had the same thing in mind: we wanted some of the yummy goodies from Bag of Beans. When we got there, though, there was a long line for their English pies. Hmm we didn’t feel like lining up, so we settled for their loaf of bread instead.

As always we were not disappointed. We left the shop with this:

herb bread

herb bread

The moment we took out the bread, we knew it would taste good just by its smell alone. As we took a bite of the herb bread, it was indeed yummy: soft and the herb-taste is just right. We ate it even without any spread. We had green tea with it. Perfect!

This is definitely one stop you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Tagaytay!

115 Aguinaldo Highway Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City
Phone (46) 413 2724 or (916) 525 2382