Kwentong Kalye 3: It Pays to Be…

Setting: Megamall Carpark

Two motorists going around looking for a parking space. Motorist A finally found an opening and so waited on the sideline. But when the space became available, Motorist B cut him out and beat him to it.

Motorist B then blurted out, “It pays to be fast!”

Perhaps due to sheer frustration, the Motorist A crashed into Motorist B’s vehicle then went, “It pays to be rich!”

Note: The story was related to me by a friend. :)

This is a repost.  The one I posted got lost in the transfer to this new domain, I think.

  • Lol. This is like, a prime rich people’s joke. Funny but sadly, money IS power isn’t it.

    PS I like this site! It makes me feel so nostalgic; you have stuff on my hometown Makati!

  • meikah

    Well yeah, esp here. :)

    Well, I live nearby Makati, and well, know it well, so I’ll be posting a lot about Makati here. :)