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Make Your Own Havaianas

Starting today May 28th till June 1st, Havaianas Philippines is inviting all Havaianas lovers to make their own Havaianas.

Let your feet bring you to Rockwell Tent and unleash your creative powers.

With nearly all the hues of the covetable Havaianas collection available as your palette, there are hundreds of possible combinations of soles and straps for Men and Women, in the popular Top and Slim styles.

Also available are different pins for embellishing your masterpiece, from sleek Swarovskis so you can unleash your inner chic to Lifestyle Pins so you can show off your inner soul. Lifestyle pins range from peaceful Yoga poses to funky, vintage tellies.

This year, Make Your Own Havaianas will also be offering an artistic treat by giving you the chance to parade your Filipino pride with Culture Pins featuring symbols of our unique and colorful heritage, such as wide-eyed Tarsiers, vibrant vintas and much more!

Don’t miss this once-a-year biggest Flip Flop event!

Update on the LRT Art 2009

Angelo Magno, P.A.P Member, emails:

LRT Art competition 2009 deadline of submission shall be on Saturday, May 30, 2009.

From Edsa corner Aurora blvd,  you will see the  lrt line 2  train (Santolan -Recto Station).  It is the train  crossing  the  mrt train along Edsa (SM North to Taft). You could also ask  around for  Gateway Mall. Its the newest mall along Aurora blvd in Cubao. It is beside the old Isetan Tower in Aurora Blvd.   The LRT 2 Cubao Station is  connected to the Gateway Mall. Gateway mall is also connected to the Araneta Colesium. You wont miss it.  Just go to the Gateway Mall  and  they will direct you to  to the LRT 2 Cubao Gateway station.

Please do not forget your requirements.

Best of luck!

Tokyo Tokyo Metro on Valero Street, Makati

Yesterday, my officemates and I decided to have a lunch out. Normally, we would pack lunch or buy lunch from Manang (the lady who brings lunch to the office every day).

One of the reasons for the lunch out was that we wanted to try out the new Tokyo Tokyo Metro nearby. So off we went.

Unfortunately, the place was full and we had to wait to be seated. Seeing the seated customers still waiting for their food, we thought it would be a long time after we would have our turn. So, we went out and headed for the next best thing next door, World Topps.  😀

Just a few initial impressions about Tokyo Tokyo Metro.

The place is cool, but the space was not maximized well. They could have seat more people had they had smaller tables that can be joined together for bigger groups. We saw about three couples sitting on a table good for five or six. I think this is a new business line of Tokyo Tokyo, and it is more of the fine dining kind.

It seems like more and more fast food restos are venturing into a bistro or fine dining. :)

Getting there
Shorter route: From Ayala Avenue, head to H.B. De la Costa, that is at the corner of RCBC Tower and Ayala Avenue. Turn right to De la Costa, and at the first corner, turn right again to Valero Street. Go straight, crossing Rufino (formerly Herrera) Street. A block away from that corner of Rufino and Valero Streets is Tokyo Tokyo Metro (TTM). It’s on the side of Starbucks (at the corner), Claudette’s, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Shakey’s, ChinaBank, then TTM.

Alternate route: From Ayala, take Paseo de Roxas, turn left at the corner of Citibank Tower, go straight (crossing Valero St and Agustin St) to Adamson Building on Leviste Street. Turn left, go straight to Rufino Street, turn left and then left to Valero Street. A block away from that corner of Rufino and Valero Streets is Tokyo Tokyo Metro (TTM). It’s on the side of Starbucks (at the corner), Claudette’s, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Shakey’s, ChinaBank, then TTM.

Preparing for the Philippine Elections 2010 – Note #1

NewsStand by John Nery
The Philippine Daily Inquirer, May 18, 2009

Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escuder enjoys a reputation for political eloquence, and as I have written before on other occasions, his mellifluous monotone” can prove highly effective. But as his answers at the recent ABS-CBN-sponsored “leadership forum” at the Ateneo de Manila showed, he also uses it in Orwelllian fashion. That is to say, he sometimes uses his gift of gab to conceal thought, not to reveal it.

One example: To the question about personal heroes (Which historical person living or dead do you most admire?), Escudero said, None. His answer (in mellifluously monotonous Filipino, and readily available on his website) started in this wise: “Ilang ulit nang tinanong sa akin yan, “matagal ko nang pinag-isipan ngunit wala akong maisip ni-isa.” My translation: “I’ve been asked that many times and have thought about it a long tiem, but I can’t think of anyone.” He went on to say: “Dahil para sa akin walang iisang kumakatawan at nagtataglay nang lahat ng katangiang kapupuri-puri. [Because for me, there is no one who embodies and symbolizes all that is worthy of praise.]”

This is passing strange. The question was not Who is perfect? but Who do you look up to?

Escudero proceeded to state that perhaps what we ought to do is to choose what is admirable in our historical figures (“mga magagandang ginawa ng mga personalidad sa kasaysayan”) and avoid mistakes. But that was the point of the question, wasn’t it? Give the Filipino people an idea of who you consider admirable. Escudero then wrapped up his two-minute answer with an appeal to imagination: Imagine a person with all these qualities, he said. “Iyon siguro, hindi man totoong tao, ang dapat natin tingalain. [Maybe that is the one, though not a real person, we should look up to.]”

Pure drivel. I think in avoiding the true question, Escudero is betraying the anxiety of influence. As I’ve written before (the first time, I think was in 2005), Escudero strikes me as the acceptable face of the Marcos restoration. Here’s a thought in search of a consensus. Perhaps Escudero declined answer the real question because the people may not be ready to hear him profess any admiration for the late dictator.

Trying Out the e-Vehicles in The Fort

We capped Mother’s Day celebration last Sunday by trying out the battery-operated fiberglass tricycles plying The Fort.

I researched a bit about these trikes and only Good News Pilipinas gave me good answers. :)

These e-vehicles are Philippine made fiberglass-bodied E-3s that resemble huge golf carts powered by five 12V batteries, which need six to 10 hours of charging for a range of 100 to 120 kilometers at speeds of 30 to 45 kilometers per hour.

They are eco-friendly becausethey have no gas emissions, noise free, and health-friendly. The alternative transportation is also efficient, easy to use, more stable and safer for road travel.

“With the e-vehicles, consumption of electricity will only be P20 as against P200 of gasoline for the tricycles.”

Read on…

We had a fun ride, as our friendly driver gave us a tour of the shopping district of the Global City—from High Street to The Fort to Serendra and back to High Street. The ride was indeed noise-free, airy, and comfy.

The drivers don’t collect fees, but they appreciate a tip. I agree that they are indeed perfect for business districts, private subdivisions, resorts, and military camps.

My kids enjoyed it a lot that they had to ride the e-vehicle twice. :-)

Goofing at Ortigas Park, Pasig City

A couple of weekends ago, we had some good reason to head off to Ortigas Center. It was the 7th birthday of one of my godchildren, Bea.

After the party, we lingered a bit and had a short photo session at Ortigas Park. It was a small park. If the word cosy is applicable to parks, then I would say it’s a cosy park. :) Perfect place to sit back and relax. You can bring a good book and an iPod with you and sit on one of the few benches.  Or you can just enjoy the experience of being surrounded by the bushes and tall buildings of Ortigas Center. It’s a haven in a concrete commercial jungle.

There’s a zen-like appeal to it because of the water falling down the wall of the small stage, which makes me think it’s a good venue for intimate shows, too.  If you want to catch a glimpse of some members of the Ortigas family, you can check out their bust concrete carvings there.

The afternoon was made even more interesting because of Kap’s (a good friend from graduate school) photo. Well, Kap works for the Ortigas Foundation, so that must be the reason for his active endorsement of the park. 😉

You definitely made my day, Kap! =)

And there’s Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf!

Getting there: You can take Julia Vargas then turn left to Emerald Avenue. Or take Ortigas Avenue then turn right to Emerald Avenue.