Anson’s on ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center

This is just in front of Podium. Check it out!

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  • tess

    I agree with Joy. Although Ansons have very good selection of appliances and I can even say cheapest among other aplliances or department store. I would rather buy to other department store than go back to Ansons again particularly to their Glorietta 5 branch. Very bad customer service. My sister and I were just there the other day hoping to buy this new stainless steel imarflex microwave as well as a charger for my sisters ipod. Aside from you having to have to call the attention of the sales guy or girls who are just chatting their afternoons away. laughing at something rather than focusing on the customers wanting to buy something. The security Guard is more alert than the salesman or girl there. After having to call the attention of this salesman i asked for a new stock of the said microwave that we wanted to buy the salesman said that he will check and came back quickly saying that the display is the only stock left. needless to say I don't want the display stock. he then told me maybe i could check ansons Landmark and then disappeared out of the thin air and so I went to a group of sales ladies chatting and laughing giggling about something and ask if they could help me find out if their Landmark branch has an available stock of the said unit that I wanted being not able to walk much because of my condition I really don't want to waste my remaining energy to walk their only to find out that they also have no stock .. here's what really pissed us off.. all the sales ladies their just stared at me and said "ay mam and customer service po nasa second floor" oh well.. that's when i figured out that their customer service really suck!!! they don't even know how to answer basic questions about items that they are selling by the way (but with this one it is quite understandable up to some level). For me this is not acceptable. We went to other department store and since the one that we went to also didn't have a stock at hand the sales ladies/man really assisted us by calling branches that would have a new stock of the microwave that we wanted. If other establishment can do it how come Anson's cannot? --- Tess

  • Aizle_draze

    i agree to your statement.. i have them repaired my gift for my mom on mothers day but they return it with missing parts... and i cannot retrieve it back such a shame that i return the complete unit and they dont even pay attention on writing it on the report.. and i cannot retrieve now the missing parts tsk tsk

  • I'm really sorry to hear about your story. I agree with you everyone in the organization should know how to give good service. The least the salesladies could do was to usher you to their customer service or better yet they themselves go and ask and then come back to you for the info. Let's hope Anson's gets to read this thread.

  • joy

    Ansons is a nice store however, they are quite unproffessional when it comes to delivery time commitment. They dont even inform the customer they'll gonna be late in delivery unless you call them first.

    They would commit to deliver it on your requested time when selling, however they dont follow the agreed time when they actually do the delivery.

    How unproffessional of them. :(

  • Oh, that's too bad. :( I hope they realize that customers look for good service.

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