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After Typhoon Ondoy

We learn after every experience.

We learn that we are strong.
We learn that we are smarter than the test.
We learn that we have the capacity to sacrifice to help others who are in need more.
We learn that humans have no strength against nature’s wrath.
We learn that our local governments are not ready to help us in times like these.
We learn that trauma is hard to overcome.
We learn that hardheadedness won’t get us anywhere.

Most of all, we learn that our Lord and Savior offers us refuge anytime!

The situation is heartbreaking. But the support from all over the world has come pouring in as fast and as strong as the flood waters were. The goodness of the human heart again emerges.

Below are sites that lead you to where you can send in your donations for Typhoon Ondoy victims or help find missing persons.

If you know more links where people can send in their donations, please do share here.

As the streets of Metro Manila were submerged by flood waters, this pedestrian didn’t have the heart to shoot photos or record videos.

Be safe everyone!

Finalists for the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards-Nationwide Announced

This is an exciting time for bloggers. One blog award after another is happening. :)

Yesterday, the Philippine Blog Awards 2009 announced its finalists for the nationwide category.

The blogs that made to the final list are all deserving. So check each one out!

I Am On the Streets didn’t make it to the finals, though, but to qualify for a nomination is good enough. :)

The awarding is happening on October 9, 2009. In case, you can’t attend the event, you can watch it live online on Here’s an ad of the PBA 2009.

Video 1 Source

Video 2 Source

Vote for Pinoy Bloggers in the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2009

Kudos to seven (7) Filipino bloggers who made it to the finals in the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2009! The finalists are:

  1. Octwelve – Best Original Blog Design (She’s the Filipino in Singapore)
  2. Wifely Steps – Best Parenting Blog
  3. Kitchen Cow – Best Food Blog
  4. EnRoute – Best Travel Blog
  5. Jim Paredes – Best Celebrity Blog
  6. Bryan Boy – Best Fashion Blog
  7. Jehzlau Concepts – Most Influential Blog

Visit each blog and vote for them, or you can also cast your vote HERE. You can vote every two hours.

All the best to these Pinoy bloggers!

The Iliganon Association in Manila’s Successful Pista Party

Yes, the annual fiesta celebration of Iliganons here in Manila last Saturday, Sept 12, was a roaring success! The feast of Saint Michael the Archangel is on September 29 yet. But the Iliganons in Manila would celebrate it a week or two earlier every year.

Close to a hundred and fifty guests came despite the rain. The pioneers of the association (Apolinarios, Badoy, Shekers, Ecarmas, Obach, San Luis-Jison, Noel-Tantuico), prominent families, former First Lady Leni Alano-Cabili, and the current first couple, Mayor Lawrence Cruz and Gina Macapayag-Cruz, came to join us.

Golden Diva Carmen Patena also performed some songs and even did duets with Ms. Leni Cabili. Pop Singing Sensation Nikki Bacolod also sang two songs.

Personalities who also joined us were Cong. Dondon Bagatsing, Serge Osmena, Beng Duque, and Hector Navasero.

This year, the association added a new feature, where they gave recognition to Manila-based Iliganons who excel in their field and have brought honor to Iligan City. The recipients are:

1. Brig. Gen. Boing Ecarma
2. Julie Lluch
3. Bob Tabimina
4. Anton Sheker
5. Cyrus Baguio

Each got a clay sculpture of Senor San Miguel created by Aba Dalena. The trophy was one piece of art!

The party ended with the induction of the new set of officers:

President – Agnes Rafanan-Brazell
VP Internal – Meikah Ybanez-Delid
VP External – Lisa Lluch Ronquillo
Secretary – Christine Noel Francisco
Treasurer – Nora Bundalian-Ilustre
Auditor – Cynthia Acosta-Gianzon
PRO for Council of Elders – Amy Noel-Francisco
PRO for Youth Affairs – Ton Villanueva

For the photos, click HERE.

Viva Senor San Miguel!

SM Makati Baggers Danced to “Nobody”

Last August 30, Sunday, we went to Makati for some malling. As wont we headed for the SM-Glorietta-Landmark-Greenbelt stretch.

That Sunday or that particular long weekend,  August 31st was a holiday, SM Makati was on sale! There were lots of people and lots of stuff for sale in the corridors.

It was one festive mood! Then we heard some commotion and saw a group of SM Baggers dancing to the tune of the infamous song Nobody.

They were all-male group, and they were good! When they finished dancing, the crowd applauded. 😀