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Check out Krazy Garlik!

I think it was about a month ago that I got invited to the soft opening of Krazy Garlik, and though a funny thing happened to me there, I enjoyed the food and the ambiance! ;))

Perhaps you would think that when you go there and eat you’ll leave with your mouth still tasting the garlic, or worse smelling garlic. But no, the garlic ingredient in every dish is so subtle that it just blends well with the rest of the ingredients.

Conclusion: Food at Krazy Garlic is really good! The dishes are a mix of Spanish, Italian, Mexican but with a twist of garlic in every dish.

Resolution: I went back there last night with my college buddies, Deng and Amay. Yes the three silly dwarfs stuffed themselves with seafood in coconut curry (my original fave!), crispy pata (my new fave!), and assorted mushrooms. Drinks were travel ____, chinese snowflakes, and pink slush. We ended dinner with peppermint tea (mine), coffee (Deng’s) and another tea for Amay. Too bad, we didn’t have cameras with us.

Here are the photos during the soft opening.

Krazy Garlik is on the 2nd floor, Greenbelt 5, Makati City. You may call them at 501-3752.

On Shopping, Flying, and Saving

One of the things I don’t like being on the streets is the temptation to shop here and there, and check out hotels and restaurants.

When I find myself on a street lined with shops and flea markets, I can’t help checking out stuff and go shopping. I wouldn’t mind really if I have Orbitz coupons with me.

Now that I’m thinking of replacing my 3-year-old Dell laptop, I’d love to get those savings Dell coupons.

Aside from on-street shopping, my other passion is traveling. I plan to go overseas early next year and so I’m already looking for good travel packages. If you’re planning the same, and would want a good deal on airfares or travel packages, then head for

Let’s! 😉

Dreaming of a Latin American Trip

My travel orientation are places with diverse cultures and indigenous art. People have told me that I can find these places in Latin America.

One of the interesting cities in Latin America is Costa Rica. With its diverse culture of Native American, Spanish, and African, it will surely be a delightful place to visit.

I can already see that Costa Rican vacations will be filled with traditional dishes and Caribbean flavors. I’d love to sample this.

Costa Rica is definitely on my bucket list!

Häagen-Dazs Melting Me Slowly Contest: Submitted Your Entries Yet?

The Häagen-Dazs Melting Me Slowly Contest is almost over. Have you posted your blog entry yet? Remember, the contest ends on September 26, 2010. There are only one and a half weeks left, so start writing those blog entries now!

Again, up for grabs are:

3 Day 2 Night Trip to Coron Palawan for 2
+ Php 5,000 worth of Häagen-Dazs GCs

to the Overall Winner
iPod Touch 8GB
+ Php 5,000 worth of Häagen-Dazs GCs

to the Most Creative Slow Melting Moment
Zen Spa Package for 2 at Neo Day Spa and an after Spa treatment meal
at Je Suis Gourmand + Php 2,000 worth of Häagen-Dazs GC’s

to the Funniest Slow Melting Moment

For the full contest mechanics, click here.