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Going Into the T-shirt Business

My high school batch is hosting the school’s homecoming this December and one of the things we are preparing for our custom t-shirts that we’re going to wear during the event.

We are lucky that we have an artist for a classmate. He actually has many art posters and have done some ornaments. He designed our shirts and are now ready for printing.

While we were looking for shirts, shirt designs, a thought came up to me that this t-shirt business is quite interesting. I might go into this business one of these days because of the following reasons:

  1. Designing a custom t-shirt is fun. It brings out my creative juices.
  2. Being surrounded by pure cotton cloth is super cool.
  3. ROI seems easy to achieve.

What do you think?

Lessons from Moving

Finally, we’re settled in our new office. But the process was mind-boggling!

Our first challenge was to find reliable movers to transport our stuff to the new address. We searched for local moving companies on the Internet and called up the company that was top on the list.

Unfortunately, the experience with them was a disaster. We set the moving out on a Sunday at 10 in the morning to make the moving as hassle-free as possible. About 9AM, I called the movers to re-confirm the appointment. The company told me that the truck and their people had already left, and was heading to our place. We waited.

By 11AM, no sign of the truck, no advice of any delay. So I called again, the trucking company, and asked about the truck’s whereabouts when it was already an hour late from our appointment. The person on the other line however went, “Since you’re angry at us now, I might as well advice my people to head back. Let’s cancel the appointment.” And he put down the phone.

The appointment was canceled just like that. Good thing, we didn’t make any down payment. So that first attempt at moving out didn’t happen. We had to reschedule and look for another trucking service. We were luckier with our next trucking service. This time the company was easy to negotiate, their trucking service on time (actually 5 minutes early). We hired them for the remainder of our moving-out days.

I’m sure if we had Houston relocation services here in the country, our move would have been made a lot easier and faster. When you’re moving, it pays to have a reliable moving company.

Time to Put Up Christmas Decors

The air is cooler and the night is longer. This means Christmas is just around the corner (Oh and they rhyme, too!). 😀

Another reminder that Christmas is really coming are the abundance of Christmas decors in the malls and on the side streets. Christmas lanterns are already lighted in some areas and in other houses in our village.

It is also during this time that I think of a Christmas theme for my house decors. What color should I have this Christmas?

I was looking around the house last night, thinking of what decors to put, when I noticed that our rugs need replacement badly. They do not only look old, but they also look used with the hems already showing signs of disarray.

I made a note to myself to check out area rugs over the weekend. With the sale season on, also, I’m sure I’ll find cheap rugs that will look good along with my Christmas decors.

Now, what is a good color this year?

World Series: The “Freak” is a Fil-Am

The “Freak” is Tim Lincecum, the star pitcher of the San Francisco Giants. And he will start Game 1 of the World Series against the Texas Rangers. This two-time Cy Young awardee (American baseball’s most prestigious award, equivalent to NBA’s MVP) is on a historic mission to finally lead the Giants to a long drought of being World Champions. It was the Giants manager Bruce Bochy who coined this monicker precisely because of his looks that doesn’t resemble a Major League pitcher. He stands at 5’10”, and looking skinny in his 170lb frame and sporting a shaggy black hair.

More significantly, he is a Fil-Am; born to a full-blooded Filipina mother named Rebecca Asis whose grandfather was from Batangas. His grandmother, Anastacia Dominguez was born in my hometown Siquijor. (Read more on his family’s linkage in Phil. Star’s sports column of Quinito Henson.)

Baseball is america’s No.1 sport, ahead of American Football and way ahead of basketball. For a Fil-Am to be the star pitcher of a Mjor League team fighting for the World Series crown is a fantastic achievement and honor.

[Photo source]

2011 NBA Season: It’s Showtime Again

It’s “Showtime” once again when the 2011 NBA Season opened yesterday with 3 blockbuster games, featuring the NBA’s most talked about superstars.

Miami Heat, bolstered by Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Cris Bosh, all superstars, takes on former champs Boston Celtics in what could be a preview of the East top rivalry. The three are out to prove their worth and bring back the trophy last won when Shaquille O’Neal and newcomer Wade won it several years ago. The Celtics, always the sentimental favorite because of its legacy, and the rest of the teams are out to prove that 3 superstars doesn’t make a champion team. Despite Lebron’s 31 points, Miami lost, 88-80. Signs of the times?

Kobe Bryant and the defending champs Los Angeles lakers took on the Houston Rockets, bannered by the return of Yao Ming. The rockets pushed the Lakers to th limit, but in the end, the champs won by a hairline, 110-108. The Lakers remain the team to beat. On the 3rd game, Portland Trailblazers demolished Amare Stoudamire less (he moved to the New York Knicks) Phoenix Suns, 106-92.

With the teams going on trades during the break, this year will again be another exciting season. My fearless forecast: it will still be Lakers this year.

Gaudi recommends Blood Sausage this Halloween

For an extraordinary Halloween try Morcilla or blood sausage at Gaudi Restaurant. Morcilla is generally a thicker sausage, about 2 ½ to 3 inches across, stuffed with pig’s blood, rice, onions and spices. Morcilla is served in Gaudi both as a tapa and as an ingredient in stews.  For only Php200 enjoy the enticing flavor and texture of Morcilla with your family and friends this halloween.

About Gaudi Restaurant:
Gaudi  is open daily from 11am until 11pm. Wine all-you-can paired with tapas and canapé’s is served every Friday from 6pm to 9pm. Located at Ground Level of Serendra, Fort Bonifacio, Gaudi is surrounded by top Bussiness Offices, theatres and high end shops, making it an ideal spot for a quiet coffee, a fashionable business lunch or a romantic dinner. Gaudi offers a modern Spanish cuisine headed by Executive Chef Alexandra Cacho, the restaurant specializes in tapas and paellas plus a wider range of salad, pasta and dessert. The wine selection is from around the world valued well for money. The unique design of the restaurant reflects the art and genius of Catalonian architect Antoni Gaudi. For more information and reservations, call 856-0473.

Join Marriott Hotel Manila’s Thai Dinner Party!

There is still time to have dinner at Marriott Hotel Manila and enjoy the unique gustatory experience of Thai cuisine.

Join the Thai Dinner Party tonight, which starts at 6pm onwards. :)

The Thai Dinner Party is part of Marriott International Hotels’ bid to break the Guiness World Record as the The World’s Largest Thai Dinner Party.

The “Worldwide Dinner Event” takes place during Marriott International’s customer appreciation week. The event is also Marriott’s way of saying thank you to its best customers by treating them to a dinner bursting with flavors and a gift box filled with favorite Thai recipes.

The event is happening simultaneously in all chains of Marriott International Hotels to compete for the world record.

Representatives from the Thai Tourism Authority and Thai embassies around the world as well as media are expected to join in the festivities.

The Social Network Special Screening Tonight

I’m sure by now Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL have announced the lucky 90 bloggers who qualified for the special screening of the social network movie tonight.

Congratulations and enjoy the movie! :)


Check out some photos during the event HERE. Thanks to flickr subscriber, ebarrun! 😉