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Catch the Nokia Music Connection’s Big Showdown

Catch the Nokia Music Connection’s Big Showdown tomorrow, March 25th at 8:30pm at Eastwood Citywalk! Brought to you by Nuffnang Philippines, the event promises a great evening of rock, alternative, and acoustic.

Hear and jam with  Slapshock, Urban Dub and Kitchie Nadal, together with Slash and Burn, Mottaka, Maan Chua, Chiro, Ginoong Vitalis, and Farrington Heights!

Wine All-You-Can at Gaudi

If you love Spanish cuisine like me and you love wine, then there’s no reason for you not to check out Gaudi. At Gaudi you’ll get that authentic moder Spanish cuisine that you won’t get anywhere else.

And the good news is that you can now enjoy wine all–you-can for only P600 net, and discover the sensational selection of Spanish, Chilian, and Australian wines with crowd-pleaser tapas carefully prepared by Executive Chef Alexandra Cacho herself.

Have a feast of the simple yet well thought-out gourmet style tapas selections from the famous pepper rubbed and delicious to every bite pulpo (octopus), the freshly marinated scallops and shrimp skewers drenched in citrus juice, and the squid Spanish wonder, the black calamari or “el bulli” wrapped in blank ink batter. Craving for some meaty bites? Try Spain’s signature delicacy and Gaudi’s tasty version of the Serrano ham with cheese phyllo pastry, the flavorful North-African Moroccan chicken skewers teeming with fragrant spices and aromatics. And don’t be surprised as each bite comes with a new level of taste and freshness. Beer lovers are also set to have an indulging night with P50 net per bottle beer offer, plus the affordable price of P320 net wine bottle and not to miss is Gaudi’s popular Sangria. Boasting a temperature-controlled wine cave facility, all wines are guaranteed served at optimum temperature.

Gaudi is open daily from 11am until 12mn. Wine all-you-can paired with tapas and canapé’s is served every Friday from 6 to 9 pm. Located at Ground Level of Business Offices, theatres and high end shops, making it the ideal spot for a quiet coffee, a fashionable business lunch or a romantic dinner.

For more information and reservations, call 856 0473.

Five Reasons Why The United Kingdom is a Great Backpacking Destination

Every year, armed with little more than a backpack, a plane ticket and some cheap travel insurance, thousands of young Australians head overseas to begin a backpacking adventure. For many of them, the UK is the main destination. It is a good choice too. Here are five of the things that make the United Kingdom a great choice for Aussie backpackers.

Cultural affinity

Australia’s cultural affinity with Britain is a big part of the reason for the UK’s popularity amongst young Australians. Australia’s history is intertwined with that of the UK. Visiting the UK is an opportunity for many Australians to see where there families came from, perhaps to meet relatives still living there, and in a wider sense to engage with the history of the country that gave birth to today’s Australia. This shared cultural history has also resulted in two countries with similar values and moral codes, making the UK a very easy country for Australians to live, work and socialise in. There are significant practical benefits to this shared culture too. Many young Australian’s are eligible for British passports on ancestral grounds, thus removing all requirements for visas for work and travel.


The United Kingdom is a country with a rich and varied history. This means that there is plenty for a visitor to see and learn in the United Kingdom. Royal palaces, ancient cathedrals, historic towns and villages: all these things provide spectacular focal points for the traveller in search of new knowledge and experience. The UK is also a country that values the preservation of tradition. Royal ceremonies, such as the Trooping of the Colour, are a must for any visitor, but more obscure traditions, such as cheese rolling in Gloucestershire, arguably offer a greater insight into this idiosyncratic country.


A factor that should not be overlooked is the shared language. While it is perfectly possible to travel anywhere in the world with a rudimentary grasp of a few phrases and a bit of confidence and enthusiasm, there is no denying that visiting another English speaking country certainly makes things easier. Speaking the language enables you to get right into a new society, rather than merely observing it from the sidelines. If you are planning to work overseas, as many backpackers do, it will expand your options enormously.


The UK is a small country with fairly large population, so you never have to go far to find the next point of interest. Wherever you go in the UK there is something to see or do. Whether it is cultural, historical, natural, or sporting, your range of experience in a limited area is remarkable.

Unparalleled travel links

The UK has a very extensive road and rail network, meaning that it is very easy to get around the various parts of the country. Coupled with its relatively small size, this means that you can see everything from Land’s End on the south west tip of England, to John o’Groats in the far north of Scotland with relative ease. The UK also has unparalleled transport links with the rest of Europe and the world. London is one of the world main airport hubs; if you base yourself in London, your options for short breaks into Europe and even longer trips further afield are enormous.

These are just a few of the reasons why the UK is such a good choice for Aussie backpackers. There are plenty more for you to discover yourself, so start looking for flight deals and get some travel insurance. Your UK adventure awaits.