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More Recent Debt Collection and Related Scams

Not all debt collection agencies are thugs harassing for money, but the reality is they do exist. Some scams are not really scams in their own right. The company could be making a mistake. Make sure you understand your rights in your state and country. Sometimes a debt collection agency that is contacting you is not even real, and the perpetrator is looking to steal your identity for future credit card fraud. Here are some things you should be on the lookout for.

  • Mistakes. These happen all the time. Someone has a similar name to you, and you start getting harassed by debt recovery services company. Understand if you do not have the debt, you do not have to do anything. Check your own credit report and see if anything exists. If you know you do not have this debt, you should write a letter to the company and threaten them with legal action. Harassment is a very serious crime, and it could cost the agency dearly.
  • Harassing your family members. Some agencies will try to tell your family members, they are responsible for your debt. Your debt is explicitly your own. It cannot be transferred to someone else, unless they signed as a guarantee to your loan. Again, your family members should warn the agency that they are breaking the law.
  • Fake collection companies. Believe it or not, they do exist. Someone collects money and knows you have a loan or debt, and then they proceed to act like they are a debt collection agency. Whenever you are contacted by a debt collection agency, get full details of their company and do some research. Some of these companies may also try to imitate your utilities company. They will use an account for you to pay outstanding utilities bills, which actually don’t exist. Some of these companies will even issue a range of fake documents such as court orders.
  • Phishing. This is a common practice among those looking for your personal details. They may have collected part of your details and need more to complete the whole identity for fraud. They then contact you and you call back and try to explain you do not have this debt. During this process, you give out information about yourself, and they tell you it is someone of the same name and not to worry about it. Now they have everything to abuse your credit card or other details. Phishing is getting more sophisticated, as there are more barriers of protection against this. Those who do this may come at you from a number of angles. Pretending to be debt collection services is one of the strategies used.
  • Internet Hosting Scam. This is another way some people will attempt to scam money out of you. They will imitate your ISP, and as they have your details from a simple ‘WHOIS’ lookup online, and then will tell you monies are owed on your account. If you ever get approached by anyone you should always contact your direct supplier and also check for the details of the debt collection agency.

If you are ever contacted by a debt collections company, think twice, and be very careful about giving any information out.

Bringing Water Nature at Home

In recent years, homes have been embracing Zen interior design. Incorporating Zen in your interiors frees up your home from clutter and achieves a calm, clear, and pure atmosphere. And it can really be relaxing.

That is what I’m planning to do with the interiors of my house soon. I want it to become a haven where I can relax after a long day’s work. As I was researching, I found out that these are some of the things that I need to achieve that Zen.

  • pebbles
  • a piece of driftwood
  • a flower
  • a picture of a waterfall
  • a seascape

I always find water to be relaxing and refreshing like most of you, I’m sure. 😉 And good thing, I can get fountains and set them up at home, and not just pictures of a waterfall. I am pleasantly surprised that there are even ready-to-install water walls, and an assortment of water fountain designs that I can choose from. Or I can also get wall fountain showcase which already include pebbles and sycamore springs.

I have also seen other homes with outdoor fountains, and they also achieve the same effect. It gives your whole house that close-to-nature effect.

I’m excited already to get on with this project actually. 😉

Love Those Twinings Tea

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Medical Uniforms Can Be Helpful

Two weekends ago, I brought my kids to their regular dental checkup. My older son had no problems because he is the braver one. But my younger son still has to outgrow his fear of dentists.

What I like about dental clinics for children is that the place is decorated with kids stuff. I remember when I was younger, the dental clinics of adults and children didn’t look any different. They all looked scary with all the metals around me.

But dental clinics these days are far more friendly looking. Even dental office uniforms are more fun and kid friendly. I commend these hospital uniform suppliers for coming up with such uniforms.

Actually, even if you visit hospitals these days, you will also see medical people wearing fashion seal cotton scrubs.

On hindsight, medical uniforms that are fun and easy on the eyes, and comfortable to wear for medical people are a great help. For toxic places to work, any ray of sunshine is really useful.

Car Repairs Made Easy

Our 2004 Isuzu Dimax 4×2  pick-up vehicle was recently serviced for general check-up and repair. With the odometer reading now at 245,000 kms., regular check-ups should not be missed.

First major operation include change oil and oil filter, and replacement of fuel filter. A good oiling condition will always make the engine perform efficiently. Next was the check-up on oil leak which resulted to replacement of input and output oil seal at crankshaft. This confirmed my earlier suspicion  that there seemed to be some oil leaks observed at the bottom of the engine. The water pipe hose was likewise replaced because it was found to be already quite “soft” and could anytime malfunction and leak which would result to overheating. All belts were also replaced. These were, timing belt (engine), steering belt (steering wheel), alternator belt (battery charging system), and air-con belt (air conditioner). All of these already showed signs of deterioration after almost reaching their respective service lives. Miscellaneous jobs like check-up of brake and lighting system were finally done.

A minor glitch occurred when it was time to pay for all the repair and check-up jobs. The cost was way over our budget. Let’s just say, we were not able to estimate the cost correctly. If only we consulted a repair price estimator, we could have been more prepared.

It pays to have your cars regularly checked. And it won’t hurt if you also research on auto care tips. It saves you from more expensive repairs and parts acquisition in the future and from the added inconveniences of frequent car breakdowns on the road. More importantly, it may cost your lives.