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Tips on Marketing Your Event Hire and Event Services to Hotels

If you are managing an event hire or party hire company, getting the most business out of hotels can do a lot for your business. Some hotels will even use some event management companies exclusively if they are extremely impressed with their skills and techniques. Hotels are a very good source of business because they hold many events themselves, and they are often the location for many other guest’s events. Getting recommended when someone else is booking space in a hotel, or being presented as the exclusive events management and hire for a particular hotel, could be a huge source of income. Here we look at some strategies to build your event hire and event management company business through hotels.

  • Presentation. Being in the events business, you should already know the importance of presenting yourself to clients. Each hotel may have its own personality, and adjusting your presentation each time is probably advised.
  • Online Marketing. Getting your message out with online marketing can be very effective. Most top hotels are using social media to market themselves, and you should join in the conversation. Remember not to be selling yourself, but to use your skills and knowledge to add valuable content for their online viewers. By doing this, you will raise the profile of your business and also benefit their business and online users and guests – a great way to get attention.
  • Networking. Physical face-to-face networking is always the best way to get to know, the people you need to know, in business. Industry and hotels events and activities should be the focus of your marketing drive. Again, you don’t want to be selling yourself hard when you meet the right people. You should know the people you are looking to meet, and when you do, present yourself in a friendly and professional way.
  • Portfolio. Building a portfolio is always important. You should be producing the best audio and visual materials for your social networking and self-promotion. It is often the quality of a presentation that defines the perceived quality of any company. If you don’t have the skills to produce your own in-house materials, outsource where necessary.
  • Define Your Services. It is important to define what services you offer. Simply stating you are an event management company is just not enough. Event planners and clients may need a range of services, from managed equipment hire and operation, audio and visual production, marketing, online marketing and PR. They may also need help with speech writing, for example. Breaking up and clearly defining your skills and tools is very important to show you have a composite solution for any potential guest.

Event marketing is all about people. How you manage your own personal relationships will be the key to getting more business. The industry is competitive, and it is the managers who have the best and highest number of relationships with decision makers, who prove to be the best.

Nuffnang & Hapee – Making a Difference in the World

Nuffnang is the first and now the leading blog advertising community. Right now, the company is operating in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia, and on their list are brands such as Citibank, Nokia, Sony, Proctor & Gambl, Nokia, Nike, Nestle.

Hapee, on the other hand, is the first Filipino owned company and a pioneer in producing multi-flavored toothpaste for children. And I heard that they employ persons with disabilities.

Both companies are competing with leading brands by giving world-class products and services. Ain’t that cool?

Now, Nuffnang and Hapee have partnered to give you an awesome movie screening today, June 3rd at 7:30pm at Greenbelt 3 Cinema 2!

To see this movie screening, you need to win special tickets, though. 😀