Motorists, Be Careful on the Road

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The husband and I were peacefully cruising along from West Service, northbound then turned left to Newport City. We were going to take the Skyway to Makati. We made a turn at the U-turn slot on Newport Blvd (I think!) from Resort Drive. Then it happened. A Pasay Traffic enforcer flagged us down.

Violation: We were in the inner lane which should turn to Newport Blvd to Resorts World. But we didn’t see any sign, and we didn’t know.

The Rule: What we should have done, the officer said, was to make a U-turn then go out into the outer lanes then head straight to the entrance of the Skyway.

Well, ignorance of the law excuses no one. But if it were an honest mistake, can’t they let it pass?

Besides, I think that regulation is not necessary, as it will not obstruct the flow of the motorists who are going in the same direction anyway.

That said, we are P2,000.00 poorer for that violation.

Careful, careful on the road everyone!