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Magallanes Interchange Closed, Reroute!



The southbound lane of the Magallanes flyover along South Super Highway will be closed to traffic starting at 10 p.m. Friday until August 17, Sunday. The road work is in line with the Department of Public Works and Highways’ Magallanes Interchange Rehabilitation Project.

Thus, this rerouting scheme.

I live in the South, and so I hope the traffic won’t be so bad, as it is bad as it is.

Venturing to Drive in the Metro

popular-cars-for-womenImage Source

I never really wanted to drive for several reasons. Foremost is my fear of being run over by buses or be squeezed in between vehicles in intersections and bottlenecks. Crazy fear, I know!

However, with my work schedule lately, I feel a strong urge to drive. It will be much easier,  I guess. :) So, I tried looking for cars for sale online.

Since, I’ll be venturing out for the first time, I think getting a used car will be practical.  Once I get the hang of it, I’ll get a new one. But there are so many choices out there! I found a great infographic with the best cars for women drivers so maybe I will try and get a second-hand version of one of them. The Honda Fit and The Honda Civic seem to be the best choices for a learner driver like me as they are small and don’t  have much of a trunk, so less chance of backing into another car or wall! The Mazda MX-5 though is what I really have my heart set on. Maybe, once I pass my test, I can upgrade. :)

Now, the next challenge is: will I actually have the courage to drive the streets of Metro Manila? Will I have the courage to go neck to neck with those swerving buses and motorcycles as if there was no tomorrow?

Wish me luck!