Metro Manila Standstill

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NCR road advisory for APEC leaders’ meet. More road advisories here

Metro Manila, or even NCR, is now preparing for a one-week standstill. No, it’s not because of a Manny Pacquaio boxing match. It’s not even because of an AlDub Nation activity.

The country will host the most high-profile event, the APEC Leaders’ Meeting. Here’s the Primer. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 21-member economies will gather here in the Philippines. Top leaders, senior officials, top businessmen and industry experts will meet and discuss about three main items namely trade and investment liberalization, business facilitation, economic and technical cooperation (Ecotech).

It is an important event for the member economies, as it is for the country.

But why the standstill?

Classes in all levels in the National Capital Region (NCR) are called off, government offices and public services, airline flights flying out and flying in to Manila are cancelled for one week from November 16 to November 20. Private offices, including banks, will be closed for business for two days, November 18-19. Road closures/reroutes have been set up.

The city does not only go on a standstill, business is also shut down.

In my sons’ school, they did away with their original schedule of semestral break and would just take the break during the APEC week. But because of the disruption of flight and business skeds, we cannot do anything much.

I wonder how the airlines would fare with all the flights cancelled; how the banks will do it without any transaction for two days; how we will cope with further delays in our public services.

If we are to be concerned of appearances, I wonder how it would look to the world that our country cannot host an important meeting without sending its people and businesses to sleep BECAUSE of lack of foresight and planning.

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Flight Cancellations

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1,364 domestic, int’l flights cancelled, more roads closed due to APEC meet

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  • Joy

    Maybe they’re doing it for security reasons? Or to lessen the effect of heavy traffic in Metro Manila? I’m not really sure, but whatever the government’s reason for doing it, I believe they will give us, the Filipino people a valid and acceptable reason for doing so. Here’s hoping for the best! :)

    Thank you for sharing! :)

  • We’re also thinking of what to do on those dates hehe.Let’s hope this meeting brings about economic prosperity especially to our country.Thanks for the ussful links :)

  • Fair point you made in this post. Thanks for posting this.

  • I think it’s the traffic they’re anticipating. This week, they already started putting out the barriers and it caused a major traffic on the roads.

  • Moving the sem break to coincide with APEC is a sound decision for your son’s school. I wonder why others didn’t follow that instead of having to do makeup classes. Anyway, I think traffic is the major reason for the lockdown.

  • I prefer to stay home than be stuck in traffic.


  • I heard of this traffic advisory. Parang dinaig pa to nung dumating si Pope last January.

  • Joy

    I haven’t thought of what to do during the APEC season, but definitely with the traffic situation during that week we will be pretty much stuck at home.

  • I know, Joy… we have not decided too. Oh well… 😀

  • Yeah Mhaan, because it was easier in the Pope’s case because he was alone. This time we have top leaders of 31 economies. It’s a security nightmare, actually. :)

  • Uggh. Cebu’s traffic situation is becoming worse by the day and I am very thankful I made the switch to working from home last August. I wonder how much more frustrating the APEC traffic scene in Manila must have been.

  • ay grabe, i was stranded in sm aura!