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Ridden the U-Hop Yet?


U-Hop, photo grabbed from TechInAsia article.

I just read the article on TechInAsia about U-Hop getting $7.4m funding for Asia rollout.

U-Hop is an Uber for shuttle vans that’s fast growing in Manila. The capital is known for having the worst urban traffic in the world, and it doesn’t need any more cars on the road than it currently has. Ride hailing apps Uber and Grab are just adding to the gridlock by catering to only one user at a time. U-Hop’s answer is to put more commuters in vans, which can seat about seven people per trip. The company claims to already serve 550,000 passengers who regularly take its shuttle service. Read more…

I remember our carpooling a couple of years ago and how the MAPSA would always flag us down and we would explain, then be let go.

Our carpooling was organized by one neighbor who knew of a retiree who could drive us to Makati every morning. So, the neighbor invited us, her friends, who work in Makati to join in. We were just 5 at most. We thought it was a better way to commute than bringing our own cars and spend for gas and parking. Besides with fewer cars on the road, it would ease up traffic a bit. But every trip, our driver would be praying  that the MAPSA guy won’t turn his preying eyes on us, because he was told that carpooling services should be for people who work for the same office/company only. Whut?

So, yeah, and then comes this ridesharing app, U-Hop, which I think follows the same concept.

I know in other countries, they encourage carpooling to decongest roads. These carpooling are done by mothers who would take turns to bring their children to school.  I also know some groups of friends who take turns taking their car to  work. They didn’t really need to register their services.

Above all, I still wish for a good public transportation in this country. Improve LRT, MRT, PNR services already!

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