The Pedestrian

Meikah Ybañez-Delid, the writer, loves taking walks and observing people and things. This is one of her favorite pastimes. 😉

She’s good at giving directions, too. So if there’s a place you want to check out but don’t know how to get there, leave a message here. :)

She also blogs about parenting in midlife at and about beauty and fashion at

  • To my fellow mother and super duper sweet friend Meikah, hugs and kisses to you especially on this Mothers Day!

    Don’t we deserve a treat?

    Oh and thanks for the Ayala card info; unfortunately I don’t have one. Perhaps I’m one of a few women who are NOT into shopping. :)

  • meikah

    Thanks my superduper sweet friend, Gina! *hugz* You’re not into shopping then you’re one of a kind! 😉 Miss you!