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Spend Your Summer at Zoomanity Theme Parks

Zoobic Safari

Enjoy your summer family bonding in Zoobic Safari

This is why I love summer! It’s the perfect time to bond with family and friends and see places.

So where are you spending summer this year? Are you looking for FUN and EXCITEMENT at the same time? Let Zoomanity Group Theme Parks spell them for you.

Zoobic Safari

Think of tigers, crocodiles, snakes, lizards… all alive and wanting to interact with you. These are just some of the animals you can see in Zoobic Safari. It is one tourist attraction in Subic Bay Freeport’s Forest Adventure. Embracing a 50-hectare land, local and foreign guests can expect an astonishing sight of diverse exotic animals roaming and frolicking in their simulated natural habitat. It features a wide range of habitats present in the forest due to the terrain, presence of streams, and fringing grasslands. These represent the major habitats for varied exotic animals featured in Zoobic Safari Adventure Park. This makes the attraction the only Tiger Safari in the Philippines with more than 50 tigers. Don’t forget also the usual breed of tigers and lion known as Ligers.

Address: Group I, Ilanin Forest Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Ticket rates: Adult – P545.00 Kids – P445.00

Paradizoo Theme Farm

Ever want to give your favorite Tita, Tito or Grandparents a tour in a place full of rich gardens and farm animals? Or you just want to enjoy the weekend with your husband and toddler? Your best destination is the Paradizoo Farm in Mendez, Cavite! See the gardens full of vegetables and floral designs. Have a chance to interact with different interesting farm animals like llama, camels, miniature horses, ostriches, greyhounds, labrador retrievers or ride a cart drawn by an albino carabao.

Address: Km. 63 Panungyan Mendez, Cavite
Ticket rates: Adult – P149.00 Kids – P99.00

Residence Inn and Zoori

Do you want experience the cool breeze of Tagaytay while enjoying a rush of excitement and the breath-taking view? Then Residence Inn is for you. It is famous for its Mini Zoo and its excellent location overlooking Taal Lake. I am sure everyone in the family will enjoy this one. Of course, Tagaytay trip isn’t complete without having “Bulalo” or “Tawilis” and pair it with the palate-bursting “Dynamite” or Chili cheese rolls in their restaurant, the Gazebo. Don’t forget to try also the Zipline overlooking Taal volcano. Residence Inn is the perfect place to go if you are on a budget and you are looking for a place away from the city.

Address: Km. 65 Barrio Neogan Tagaytay City
Ticket rates: Adult – P249.00 Kids – P199.00

Zoocolate Thrills

Now,  if you want an out-of-town adventure, fly to Visayas! Zoocolate Thrills is the only Adventure Theme Park in Loboc, Bohol managed by Zoomanity Group. This promising tourist destination in Bohol offers captivating attractions for everyone. A river cruise is provided for those who want to explore the Loboc River. This fun zoo has different animal encounters & enrichment such as ostriches, tigers, and bearcats. They also offer tram ride, horse/buffalo ride and zip/zing ride. Isn’t that fun and exciting?

Address: Barangay Gotozon, Loboc, Bohol
Ticket rates: Adult – P99.00 Kids – P99.00

Zoocobia Fun Zoo

You want a ZOO-per thrilling experience? Zoocobia is much more than a place to view animals. It is a complete educational and fun experience. Situated in the beautiful, lush, forested foothills of the extended Clark Freeport Zone, Zoocobia is an ecological experience of impressive proportions.

  • It has a gravity car that is patterned after the luge in Sentosa Resort in Singapore—The Zooc. It runs on a 400 meter track with three hairpin curves!
  • Have a close encounter with colorful birds perched on tree branches. You will delight at their bright colors and melodious chirping.
  • The PHILIPPINES PRIDE showcases various animals and plants that are endemic to the Philippines – they are indeed the country’s pride.
  • Be amazed with their Garden Maze that features various animals topiaries. The thrill is when you go through the labyrinth and the challenge is to find yourself out of it.
  • All roads lead to “The Barn” where many animal-related activities happen. Experience bottle feeding baby farm animal such as goats, sheep and pot bellied pigs.
  • See a unique collection of stuffed real animals that have been preserved by our taxidermist at the Menagerie.

Address: Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles City
Ticket rates: Adult – P295.00 Kids – P295.00

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Zooperb Blowout

Zooperb Blowout for graduates

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Zoomanity Group

Zoomanity Group, the happiest places!

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Bike Lanes Around the Metro

Most Conducive Places to Bike in Metro Manila

While you’re waiting for our roads to become biker friendly, check out the spots around the Metro where you can safely bike to fitness.

Traffic in Metro Manila is getting unmanageable by the day. Thus, the proliferation of motorcycles or motorbikes on the streets, even in major thoroughfares. The bicycle, however, has not picked up to be considered as a serious means of transportation, except maybe for a couple of friends I know who bike their way to work.

But many in Metro Manila take the bike to stay fit or as part of a more extensive fitness routine.

So, where are the roads that are safe for biking? Lamudi Philippines takes a look at some recommended areas in the metro where you can stay fit by enjoying a bike ride.

The Commercial Route

It’s good that commercial and business development these days also includes suitable places for biking. These places have become ideal spaces to bike, thanks to the amount of room they’ve allocated for visitors and their resulting foot traffic, and being one of the more secure areas for leisurely activity.

1. SM Mall of Asia Complex

By Roberto Verzo, Flickr

The MOA Complex can be a little cumbersome during peak business hours, but it is quite a place to bike around early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The main area to bike around in is Sunset Blvd., which is at the back of the Mall of Asia and faces Manila Bay.

This track is approximately 1 kilometer long. A recommended route is to go around Blue Wave then back via the Mall of Asia main street where the large globe is located. Completing the route is just a little less than 5 kilometers.

2. Bonifacio Global City

By Alveo Land, Wikimdia Commons

Thanks to its well-thought-out urban planning, Bonifacio Global City is able to accommodate riders with dedicated bike-lanes. All this while the area continues to increase in population and continues to develop into the leading business district that it is.

While the area can be quite large, most of it is suitable for biking despite the sizable amount of foot traffic it also receives during peak hours. A route along 38th Street, in particular, is a good place to ride as the modest route offers climbs sufficient for training.

Community Rides

Of course there’s nothing better than logging miles in in an area that feels homey and is devoid of the distractions that come with commercial establishments. While it may come as a surprise to those who don’t live in the region, Metro Manila actually has a number of areas that provide that community atmosphere for riding.

1. University of the Philippines Diliman Academic Oval

By Ramon F Velasquez, Wikimedia Commons

Looking for a space for outdoor sports activities, it’s a definite must to include the UP Diliman Academic Oval. It is one of the most ideal biking areas in the metro. With dedicated lanes for runners and bikers alike, fitness enthusiasts can alternate their training with ease in the area.

Located near the Teacher’s Village inside the community-like campus, the oval is best for a weekend ride, as the dedicated lanes expand since the road is closed to all motor vehicles every Sunday. Measuring a total circumference of 2.2 kilometers, several laps around the oval is ideal for distance training.

2. Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City
By Lt Jin Panganiban, Wikimedia CommonsThere are two ways that one can get a quick pedal workout inside Camp Aguinaldo. One is on the dirt-road racetrack found on the premises, ideal for those who are beginning to transition to mountain biking. The trails are short and technical, and are conveniently located near several food concessionaires, providing a convenient training ground for a mountain biker who can’t make it out of town.

The other way to ride in Camp Aguinaldo is to simply do so along its roads. Motor vehicles are made to maintain a modest speed limit due to their being in a camp, making it relatively safe for cyclists. Getting inside can be a little bit of a chore since proper identification is required, but a purpose is easy to provide since other cyclists do frequent the area.

Pedal Outward

Bike trails, and the surroundings in general, tend to become a little more photogenic when one moves farther out in Metro Manila. The less buildings and motor vehicles to contend with, the easier it is to ride faster, longer, and simply enjoy the activity more. There are a few notables in the outskirts and right outside the Metro Manila.

1. La Mesa Nature Reserve, Quezon City
By Wikimedia CommonsA bike-riding story on Metro Manila cannot be done without mentioning La Mesa Nature Reserve in Quezon City. Located northeast of Quezon City near SM City Fairview, this dense forest offers over 50 kilometers of tracks, dirt roads, and fire roads that can be traversed with a bike.

Probably its stand-out feature is how one can sometimes feel like they are so far away from the metro and truly enjoy their ride in nature, yet are still actually within the confines of the region. While devoid of clutter common in the city, the reserve has toilets, bike washes, a moving refreshment stand, and other conveniences that make it a rider’s dream.

2. Filinvest City, Alabang

By Jojo Nicdao, Flickr

While it can undoubtedly be included among the top in commercial biking routes, Filinvest City separates itself from the others for the reason that it has a substantial amount of greenery for a business district, and is one that actually includes bike paths in its master plan. The area is a popular location for various running and riding events as well.

Lush landscape, tree-lined pathways, and shaded canopies, coupled with modern conveniences just a couple steps away, and Filinvest City is indeed an ideal biking location for residents and visitors. Foot and vehicular traffic may get a little heavy because it is after all a commercial district, but it is comparatively easier to ride around in compared to busier parts of Metro Manila.

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Enchanted Kingdom’s HalloWEE Trick or Treat!

Image Source

Get mesmerized and thrilled as Enchanted Kingdom Wizards Club presents Enchanting HalloWEE Trick or Treat this October 27! Visit Enchanted Kingdom and experience a magical Halloween that kids will absolutely remember.

Feel the magic and be the first 200 kids to arrive in FUNtasy themed costumes and get a chance to win special prizes!

It will be raining snacks and sweets as the Trick or Treat parade will make the rounds of every theme zone at Enchanted Kingdom! Join the club of FUNtastic kids in fancy costumes and watch the parade at 3 PM.

It’s HalloWEE made more FUNtastic and EKciting only at the first and only world-class theme park, Enchanted Kingdom!

Enchanted Kingdom’s HalloWEE Trick or Treat is brought to you by Jack ‘n Jill, Tender Juicy Hotdog, Choconanaz, Tom’s World and Gardenia.

For your protection, please ensure that Enchanted Kingdom tickets are purchased at the park (Sta. Rosa, Laguna) or at the EK Makati Sales Office (MSO), or from accredited ticket agents or sellers ONLY. Enchanted Kingdom, Inc. reserves the right to dishonor or invalidate tickets purchased from unauthorized sources.

For more information on the updated park schedule and promos of Enchanted Kingdom, you may call (02) 830-3535 loc. 333 or 444 or you may visit and like Enchanted Kingdom on Facebook.

A Magical 17 with Enchanted Kingdom: Cast Members share their Spinning and Rocking Years at EK

“You do your best work if you do a job that makes you happy.” -Bob Ross

Theme zones bustling with smiling faces at the park. Quiet corners and laughter lounges at the Makati Sales Office. Everyday, Everyday ring tones. Phone calls, computer taps and mouse clicks. Project proposals, GP analysis and BSC reports. Meetings, meetings, and more meetings. Just your typical setting at Enchanted Kingdom’s workplace.

But away from the hustle and bustle of everyday work, what makes a job well worth it?

Meet some of the Cast Members who have been with the Enchanted Kingdom for 16 years as they share their long memorable years with the corporation.

Henry Henares, Asset Mgt. Specialist, WAM-COMPTROLLERSHIP says that he did not make a mistake when he chose to work and build his life around Enchanted Kingdom 16 summers ago. Enchanted Kingdom lives up to its purpose of creating magical moments and making people happy.

“I love EK and I love the environment. I know God gave this job just for me”, shares Henry.

As for Linus Jose Lopez from Office of the Head, going on his 17th year with Enchanted Kingdom, “I never thought of quitting my job.”

“I was touched and teary eyed when I watched the first fireworks display and heard the theme song of EK playing in the background. I am so proud to be a part of this first and only world-class theme park”, says Agueda “Dang” Guerra of Sales Department.

Glady Z. Angeles of Cash Control and Management Services will never forget the care and quick response of Enchanted Kingdom’s safety personnel when her water bag broke two weeks before her expected delivery. She could not have felt safer that day.

“Enchanted Kingdom was very supportive when the management allowed me to continue my studies while working here. I am very thankful, happy and blessed”, Carlos C. Lunas, EEP Business Development.

Cheers to Club 17!

With Enchanted Kingdom, it is not just a regular eight-to-five job with papers and deadlines to conquer. The recipe in staying long and happy with a company is learning to love the people and the workplace, embrace the challenges and grow with the vision together.

“It’s fun working at EK. It is the healthy work environment and team work of co-cast members, the support of management in helping us achieve personal and career growth, the good treatment of management, and the changes being made for the improvement of the quality of work and personality of everyone that makes me feel young whenever I am at the vicinity of Enchanted Kingdom,” says Esperanza M. Escape, SH – Billing & Payable.

Wilma Claros-Manuel of Internal Audit Services, in her first year with Enchanted Kingdom did not know what to expect from working at a theme park, but later on, enjoyed everything about the company especially the familial culture. On her 17th year, she considers Enchanted Kingdom her second home.

“I always feel like a kid when working here. There are ups and downs just like a roller coaster ride, but God is very present here. I love how the Cast Members support the company as well,” says Amor Tan Castillejo of Rides and Attractions.

Danilo R. Daygon of Group Sales Service shares his motivation, “I choose EK because I wanted to be part of the only world class theme park in our country.”

“All I wanted was a regular job that would sustain my family and studies, but I found something more – a family,” says Roderick Hara, Section Head of Rides and Attractions Division.

Enchanted Kingdom creates significant friendship amongst its Cast Members as attested by the interviewees. It is a place where you would want to be.

The Stunning Breakthrough

Assistant Manager to Officer-in-Charge for Rides and Attractions, Ronan Prudencio, and HRDM Section Head, Lilia Prudencio’s most magical moment with Enchanted Kingdom as husband and wife was when they both got promoted. To the lovely couple, Enchanted Kingdom is indeed a second family.

For Lorena Jacob of In-Park Food & Beverage, the most memorable experience she had with Enchanted Kingdom was when typhoon Ondoy badly damaged the company and the homes of most of the employees. It was then that all the departments formed a BALIKATAN to aid and help one another.

One magical breakthrough for Alfredo Bungubung from Rides and Attractions was when Enchanted Kingdom became the bridge for him and his wife to meet. Just like other Cast Members, he did not know what to expect from working at a theme park, but Alfredo loves Enchanted Kingdom and he is here to stay for more years.

After a tiring day, Veronica Almenar, Executive Secretary of HRMAS Division never forgets to smile. To her, working at Enchanted Kingdom is simply magical. Stress and exhaustion is no match to the “bayanihan” and familial culture that the company and employees give. “There is a certain incomparable happiness here. 17 years of being with Enchanted Kingdom is without a doubt, the most memorable experience I ever had. And now, I’m looking forward to counting more years of magical happiness,” she sentimentally shares.

Enchanted Kingdom became home to many Cast Members, both in good and hard times. This magical place is not just a theme park that paints smiles on the faces of its park guests but is a refuge to its employees. For most Cast Members, it is more than just having a workplace; it is having a home and a family.

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