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GMA-7’s Diva Songwriting Contest

Contest Mechanics

I. Mechanics
1. The DIVA Songwriting Contest is songwriting contest open to all amateur and professional songwriters in the Philippines.
2. Each songwriter or a collaboration of songwriters (lyricist/s and composer/s) may submit a maximum of 2 entries.
3. Song entries:
a. must either be in Filipino or in English
b. must be a love song
c. must have a musical type appropriate to a love song
d. must not exceed 4 minutes in length including intro and extro
e. must be recorded and interpreted well, preferably pre-arranged

* The contest organizers reserve the right to rearrange the qualifying song entries and to choose and assign interpreters for the finals and for the album recording of winning songs and finalists. Participants who will not agree to this shall be automatically disqualified.

4. Each entry must include the following:
a. fully accomplished entry form with original signature(s) and 2×2 ID photo of songwriter/s
b. CD containing 1 song only indicating the title of the song on the case and on the CD itself but without the name of the songwriter/s
c. Five (5) typewritten copies of the lyrics with the title of the song but without the name of the songwriter/s

5. Submission of entries:
a. All of the above requirements must be placed in a brown envelope and mailed or hand carried to:
Viewer-Directed Marketing Division
14th Floor, GMA Network Center, EDSA corner Timog Ave., Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines, 1103
b. Participants sending two entries must send them in two (2) separate envelopes.
c. All entries shall be non-returnable.
d. All entries must be submitted on or before February 14, 2010.

II. Criteria
Originality and Creativity – 30%
(applied songwriting style, technique, skill)
Lyrics – 30%
(effectiveness, message, appropriateness to theme)
Melody – 30%
(recall, strength, etc.)
Overall Appeal – 10%
(suitable as recording and commercial material)

III. Schedule of Contest
January 24, 2010 – Launch of Contest
February 14, 2010 – Deadline for submission of entries
February 21, 2010 – Song finalists will be performed on SOP, text-voting
February 28, 2010 – Announcement/Awarding of Winner on SOP

IV. Prizes
1. Three (3) finalists will be chosen per category:
a. Professional (3 finalists)
b. Amateur (3 finalists)
2. The Top winner per category shall be awarded the P200,000 and a trophy. The rest of the finalists will receive a cash prize of P 20,000 each.
3. The winning songs will be included as part of the soundtrack of GMA’s primetime program “DIVA”.

V. Others
1. All finalists shall waive their rights to their songs in perpetuity in favor of GMA Network DIVA Songwriting Contest for the album production, for general publication (in magazines, etc.), for promotional use (radio airplay, performance on TV, internet, etc.) and for general purposes (concerts and events, etc.) locally and/or internationally with the proper and due acknowledgment and recognition of the songwriter/s.
2. Only participants who have reached the top 3 finalists per category shall waive their rights to their qualifying and winning songs.
3. Costs of transportation, accommodation, attendance to events and other expenses related to the contest shall be shouldered by the participant.
4. The decision of the board of judges is final.
5. All employees and talents of GMA Network, Inc. and their relatives up to the 2nd degree of affinity and consanguinity are disqualified from joining this competition.

Download the application form HERE.