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The Fit ‘n Fab 4 Biggest Losers Revealed

Last April 17, a number of the city’s losers flocked to Fiamma for the culmination of the Fit ‘n Fab 4 Weight-Loss Challenge by Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Fruit Snacks. During the finals night, guests were treated to a buffet dinner paired with free-flowing Fit ‘n Right Fruit Snacks and a sizzling program hosted by Karen Pamintuan and Brent Javier.

From 241 barkadas of four students, the finalists met face-to-face that night and their calorie-burning race to become the biggest loser was revealed to all.  Each team was given a month to achieve the bodies they’ve always wanted for the summer. The only fuel they had to arrive at the desired slim and trim destination were exercise, proper diet, and Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Fruit Snacks. Yes, a SNACK! Unlike your usual high-calorie snacks, Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Fruit Snacks  is the only snack that only has 30 calories, and contains L-Carnitine that helps you burn fat to achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

When the top barkadas sauntered down the runway to flaunt their new, fit bodies, the club began to fill with even more cheers and whistles from friends and supporters. Clad in Fit ‘n Fab 4 tank tops and sexy swimwear, it was easy to see that all the barkadas’ hard work had paid off.

Finally, the most important part of the night arrived – the big revelation. Third place went to Hot Rod from Ateneo de Manila University, Second place was given to Fet ‘n Ryt from UST and the First place went to a group of musicians, who not only share the same love for music but also share the same beach-ready bodies, Team Jakob from UST. Roman Gerard Enguero, Jasper John Jimenez, Bon Valentin Tomas Isaac Peralta and Kabaitan Bautista collectively lost 49 kilos in just 4 weeks.

When asked about their fat-burning team strategy, Team Jakob revealed that they ran twice a day, during the mornings and afternoons. They never left their homes without carrying cups of Fit ‘n Right Fruit Snacks. Most importantly, their number one strategy was to have fun as they support each other on their weight-loss journey.  While having fun, they lost 49 kilos together and won the coveted Php 100,000, a free barkada adventure to Boracay, and Php 50,000 for their chosen school organization. Not bad for the biggest bunch of losers.

With Fit ‘n Right Fruit Snacks, there is no easier way to be the best-looking barkada this summer!

Del Monte Fruit Snacks Fit N’ Fab 4 Challenge

And The Burning Continues…

Summer is getting hotter than ever as the hottest and hippest event in town burns more and more calories, the Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Fruit Snacks Fit ‘n Fab 4 Challenge! The second phase of burning has begun, bringing more and more of you hip and young people closer to your desired fit and fabulous bodies.

Saturday, February 27, marked the start of the Road to Fitness of Fit ‘n Right Fruit Snacks Fit ‘n Fab 4 Challenge as it hit The Spa, in Fort Bonifacio. A workout session was held at Barre 3, an exercise studio that offers the first and only workout that combines the grace of ballet barre, the wisdom of yoga and the strength of pilates. Here, our participants learned how to have the length of a dancer and the strength of an athlete with a highly effective 60-minute workout.

The following day, our participants engaged themselves in an exciting and fun-filled game of badminton at Smart Shot located in Agoncillo Street, Manila. In this session, our participants learned the importance of exercise and active living, all done while having fun with your barkada.

More sessions are in store for those of you young and hip people who missed the previous two sessions.  Just visit the website at to get the different class schedules. Slots are limited so hurry, call 02-775-98-51 or text 0928-966-91-24 for your reservations.

Aside from these weekend fitness activities, a series of F.I.T. (Fast Intensive Training) Workout videos were developed with the help of Sports Scientist and Master Coach, Jim Saret for your daily workout. The F.I.T Workout or the Fast Interval Training is a four-minute workout, characterized by bursts of fast-paced intensive exercise designed by Coach Jim. Partnered with Fit ‘n Right Fruit Snacks, it can help you burn at least 400 calories everyday and it continues to burn even when you’re done with the workout! The best part is it only takes four minutes and you can do this anywhere! For those who want to learn the F.I.T. workouts, you can catch them in  Every week, we teach you a different set of exercise to help you burn!

Final weigh-in for Fit ‘n Right Fruit Snacks Fit ‘n Fab 4 Challenge is on March 26-28 @ ROX Bonifacio High Street and March 27-28 at Gateway Suites, 4th floor, Gateway Mall, Araneta Center.

Remember, your workouts work better with Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Fruit Snacks as part of your routine. Look fit, burn right and be at your hottest this summer!

Real Leaf Paparazzi

It was my son, Gabo (in the picture), who actually introduced us to Real Leaf. He came home one day from school and happily shouted, “Mom, I have a new discovery!” (This is our household expression when any one of us discovers something—may it be food, drink, game, show, etc.) And showed a bottle of Real Leaf. “You should taste it. It’s yummy!” He then poured each one of us a 1/4 cup.

Real Leaf is yummy indeed. It is unlike the other iced tea drink in the market. It is more savory, and you can taste real tea in it. It is also made healthier because it is green tea.

Since then, it has become a regular drink for us. We love the honey apple flavor! It is best paired with our favorite nachos or chips. TV and board games time are never complete without a Real Leaf drink and our fave play chow. 😉

Real Leaf Green Tea is made from 100% whole green tea leaves that’s naturally packed with Theanine, and has a delicious hint of fruit and honey. You know it’s good for your mind and body.

Mojo Organic Fizz

Yesterday, my officemates and I decided to try out Mojo Organic Fizz. Claire and Paolo had been intrigued by it (perhaps by its name Mojo which we can identify with those flat fried potatoes in Shakey’s and the term organic, which at closer analysis meant the chemical carbon and not the natural way of growing plants). Anyway,  I went along with them, and got a can for myself, too.

Well, definitely there was no fizz in my drink.  Since Mojo claimed to have no no sugar and no cholesterol,  it was not really an exciting drink to begin with.

However, if you are watching your food intake, you can try it out, too. Just a tip: It’s best drunk cold and paired with any munchies, healthy or otherwise. :)

Check it out!

Mojo Organic Fizz is available in 7-11 outlets and Mercury Drug grocery stores