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Metro Manila Standstill

Banners_APECRoadAdvisories_151103_1503_MOA-road-closure-tw 2

NCR road advisory for APEC leaders’ meet. More road advisories here

Metro Manila, or even NCR, is now preparing for a one-week standstill. No, it’s not because of a Manny Pacquaio boxing match. It’s not even because of an AlDub Nation activity.

The country will host the most high-profile event, the APEC Leaders’ Meeting. Here’s the Primer. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 21-member economies will gather here in the Philippines. Top leaders, senior officials, top businessmen and industry experts will meet and discuss about three main items namely trade and investment liberalization, business facilitation, economic and technical cooperation (Ecotech).

It is an important event for the member economies, as it is for the country.

But why the standstill?

Classes in all levels in the National Capital Region (NCR) are called off, government offices and public services, airline flights flying out and flying in to Manila are cancelled for one week from November 16 to November 20. Private offices, including banks, will be closed for business for two days, November 18-19. Road closures/reroutes have been set up.

The city does not only go on a standstill, business is also shut down.

In my sons’ school, they did away with their original schedule of semestral break and would just take the break during the APEC week. But because of the disruption of flight and business skeds, we cannot do anything much.

I wonder how the airlines would fare with all the flights cancelled; how the banks will do it without any transaction for two days; how we will cope with further delays in our public services.

If we are to be concerned of appearances, I wonder how it would look to the world that our country cannot host an important meeting without sending its people and businesses to sleep BECAUSE of lack of foresight and planning.

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Flight Cancellations

Philippine Airlines – PAL cancels over 200 flights in relation to APEC Meet in Manila; offers free flight rebooking

Cebu Pacific Air – CEB Advisory – 2015 APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting

Air Asia – Flight cancellations for the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting 2015

1,364 domestic, int’l flights cancelled, more roads closed due to APEC meet

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Philippines Youth to Business Forum (Y2B)

The Philippines Youth to Business Forum (Y2B) gives the youth a chance to exchange ideas with the business sector for a better Philippine society.

It’s a free, one-day forum that has talks on Education, Technology, and Global Experience, as well as workshops on Project Management, Human Resources, Finance, Operations and Marketing geared towards a Globally Competitive Philippines.

You could also get the chance to introduce yourself to the business giants during our Networking Lunch and be one of the top delegates to be inspired during our Leadership Café!

On October 23, 2013,join 400 other world class youth leaders to be in a direct dialogue and collaborate with the business sector to know your role in achieving a Globally Competitive Philippines! Register now at!

To find out more about Y2B like them on Facebook: and follow them on Twitter:

Caribbean Footwear Launches the Urban Safari Collection

Last April 3rd, Caribbean Footwear launched its Urban Safari Collection at Red Mango, Greenbelt 3. Print and summer always go together well, you know.

Everyone was excited to see the new collection and we were not disappointed. The color, the design is again unique to Caribbean Footwear.

For the uninitiated, Caribbean Footwear is a local brand but with world-class quality. The brand invested in good research and technology to come up with a footwear that blends art and science. Three things that the brand is proud of are: comfort, durability and creativity.  Importantly, it has a no-slip technology.

Check out the Urban Safari collection here.

Makati Street Market: Thriving with Dynamism

How can an urban street market flourish and become a must-visit destination for city goers with varied tastes?

The generous dollop of hard work and the exceptionality of the dining and shopping finds do count, as evinced by the continuous success of the Legazpi Sunday Market in Makati. For seven consecutive years, the weekend street souk—a must-visit stop in a dynamic city spearheaded by propitious entrepreneurs and artisans—remains a place where international cuisines, organic finds, hand-made products, green items, and local products can be found. Complementing the array of lifestyle possibilities in Makati, the Legazpi Sunday Market in Makati evidently showcases more of what Makati has to offer.

Meanwhile, GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications Inc. (GMCI), a Makati-based transformative social marketing company, and the Legazpi Sunday Market organizers realized that what the street market currently presents to its customers can, in fact, further develop to nurture the promising businesses of the artisans and highlight the escalating stature of Makati.

“Being a Makati denizen and as a long-standing communications partner of the most distinguished industry players for years have given us a perspective on how staying relevant to the ever-changing lifestyle of your market matters,” notes Amor Maclang, Director for Communications of GMCI. “It’s one of the ideals that make us challenge ourselves to produce new, transformative, and game-changing ideas that serve as our inspirations to generate exceptional campaigns.”

Hence, GMCI, together with its partners and sponsors, are transforming the Legazpi Sunday Market into the Makati Street Market, the first and biggest artisanal market of its kind in the Philippines. Enthused by the verve of the renowned outdoor lifestyle markets in Barcelona, Berlin, Helsinki, and Paris, the Makati Street Market will retain the Legazpi Sunday Market’s open-air venue laid-out in a dazzling urban backdrop, which allows people to take pleasure in dining and shopping amid the vivacious Makati atmosphere. Furthermore, the enhanced street souk will be adapting the idea of artisanal market concepts, where purchasers will deal with the food artisans themselves.

To further foster the thrilling vibe of the district, where the street market is located, the market organizers will set up pocket events for four consecutive Sundays starting September 23 to October 14. The said activities include grilling competitions, adobo festival, dance and cocktail events, and even biking workshops highlighting Makati’s landscape as a city that boasts of accessibility.

A Destination that Marks the Spot

Geared to become the biggest of its kind in the country, the upcoming Makati Street Market is truly a grand scene, which will highlight not only the selection of good finds and good food in Makati, but also one of the reasons why the city is a dynamic address of endless lifestyle possibilities. Nonetheless, facades and environs aside, the main goal that the initiative truly aspires is to uphold and support more of the country’s local products and homegrown services, which will arguably lead to the growth of budding artisanal businesses like Mantequilla, Budbud Gourmet Suman, and Pinoy Ordurvz Foods for delicacies; Patika Beads and Wiresworks for fashion accessories; and Creative Definitions, Bicol Sweetgrass Handcrafts, and All in Red Clay Factory for crafts and home decor.

One of the known sponsors of the event is one of GMCI’s long-standing partners known for being at the helm of fostering the leisure and lifestyle options present in Makati.

Alveo Land—Ayala Land Inc.’s benchmark of lifestyle innovation—is joining the said market transformation since the location of the market itself is pivotal to the thriving dynamism in the district, where two of its landmark projects are located—The Lerato and Kroma Towers.

Apart from this, Makati Street Market also complements the Make It Happen! Make It Makati! campaign, an ongoing project initiated by Ayala Land Inc. (ALI), Makati Commercial Estate Association, Inc. (MACEA), and the local government of Makati, aiming to underscore the opportunities for the changing lifestyles of the city’s denizens. To date, the market’s location—Makati North—is being highlighted by the abovementioned groups as a lifestyle spot for young and creative denizens, since this district is landscaped with a range of bars, shopping spots, museums, and concept stores.

Evidently, the ongoing success of the Legazpi Sunday Market was no fluke, despite the fact that Makati already houses a wide-array of dining and shopping spots. And with the exceptional lifestyle concept that will be adapted and enhanced by the amplified Makati Street Market, the initiative will further strengthen Makati’s dynamism as an ideal address for today’s evolving urbanites, as well as the flourishing business of our fellow countrymen.


The Makati Street Market is located at the Legazpi Park in Makati City. The pocket events will run for four Sundays (September 23, September 30, October 7 and October 14), from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Interested sponsors may contact 0917-521-4624 or

#MeralcoMOVE: A Free App

Meralco recently launched the MeralcO Virtual Engine (MOVE), a free app suite designed for Filipinos with six apps that provide round-the-clock access to the electric company’s services through smart phones or tablets.

Seeing that most of its customers are often online, Meralco wanted to offer assistance right where they spend much of their time. The MOVE apps provide Meralco customers with different benefits to bring ease and convenience in managing their electricity concerns:

1. Apps that offer location help

a. Meralco Office Directory –You can find the nearest Meralco office in your area
b. Bayad Center – Find out where you can conveniently pay your Meralco bill

2. Apps for consumption control

a. Meralco Appliance Calculator- Easily compute the amount of electricity an appliance consumes
b. Bright Ideas – Learn better ways to use and save on electricity

3. Apps that help in planning ahead

a. Power Maintenance Schedule- Stay up to date on the power maintenance schedule in your area
b. E-Meralco bill –View your latest bill even when you’re on the go

Additional apps are also in the works. The MeralcO Virtual Engine is free and downloadable from the Apple AppStore, Google Play, and Blackberry App World. For details, check, like Meralco on Facebook, or follow @meralco on Twitter.

Now isn’t that exciting? Download the app now to enjoy the #MeralcoMOVE experience!

Tips on Marketing Your Event Hire and Event Services to Hotels

If you are managing an event hire or party hire company, getting the most business out of hotels can do a lot for your business. Some hotels will even use some event management companies exclusively if they are extremely impressed with their skills and techniques. Hotels are a very good source of business because they hold many events themselves, and they are often the location for many other guest’s events. Getting recommended when someone else is booking space in a hotel, or being presented as the exclusive events management and hire for a particular hotel, could be a huge source of income. Here we look at some strategies to build your event hire and event management company business through hotels.

  • Presentation. Being in the events business, you should already know the importance of presenting yourself to clients. Each hotel may have its own personality, and adjusting your presentation each time is probably advised.
  • Online Marketing. Getting your message out with online marketing can be very effective. Most top hotels are using social media to market themselves, and you should join in the conversation. Remember not to be selling yourself, but to use your skills and knowledge to add valuable content for their online viewers. By doing this, you will raise the profile of your business and also benefit their business and online users and guests – a great way to get attention.
  • Networking. Physical face-to-face networking is always the best way to get to know, the people you need to know, in business. Industry and hotels events and activities should be the focus of your marketing drive. Again, you don’t want to be selling yourself hard when you meet the right people. You should know the people you are looking to meet, and when you do, present yourself in a friendly and professional way.
  • Portfolio. Building a portfolio is always important. You should be producing the best audio and visual materials for your social networking and self-promotion. It is often the quality of a presentation that defines the perceived quality of any company. If you don’t have the skills to produce your own in-house materials, outsource where necessary.
  • Define Your Services. It is important to define what services you offer. Simply stating you are an event management company is just not enough. Event planners and clients may need a range of services, from managed equipment hire and operation, audio and visual production, marketing, online marketing and PR. They may also need help with speech writing, for example. Breaking up and clearly defining your skills and tools is very important to show you have a composite solution for any potential guest.

Event marketing is all about people. How you manage your own personal relationships will be the key to getting more business. The industry is competitive, and it is the managers who have the best and highest number of relationships with decision makers, who prove to be the best.

Business Best Practice: Be fussy about who does your business computer services

There are computer services and computer services. Some provide excellent, fast service and some provide “service with a sneer”, sticking clients on a line to wait for results. The fact is that no business can afford downtime, and the best computer services provide fast, efficient service when you need it.

The really good news for businesses is that service standards for IT are improving, daily. The days of waiting for service when someone feels like providing it are long gone, too. Business computer services these days are fully professional and not only make appointments, they keep them. This is an extremely competitive industry, and quality is the key to success for the computer service firms.

What to look for in a business computer service

There are some basic standards you can apply to make your hunt for good computer support a lot easier:

  • Business-friendly costs – Rates are competitive, standardized and quoted upfront. There’s no guesswork involved, and no “surprises” in the billing.
  • Full range of repairs servicesThis is critical. You need a computer repair service that can provide comprehensive support and deal with all the issues.
  • Network and server services – These services can be invaluable in shutting down a range of issues which can cause crashes and data problems.
  • Remote diagnostic services – The service people can find problems offsite, and in many cases even fix them remotely. This is an extremely efficient operational approach, saving hours of time.
  • Staff training – If you know how much staff IT training costs, you will appreciate the value of a relationship between your service people and your staff, and the good communications and support relationship this generates.
  • Mobile network support and service – Everybody has an “office in your pocket”, and these networks are crucial to business efficiency in the various mobile business modes.

Checking out computer service firms

Your basic criteria will create a good short list of possible computer support options. The next stage is direct contact. It’s a good idea to talk to your possible service providers and get an idea of their service quality. Most importantly, it’s a way of checking out their efficiency in dealing with customer inquiries.

You can use a checklist for your contact:

  1. Was the reception service quick and efficient?
  2. Is the firm’s “new business” contact a good communicator?
  3. Does the service understand your needs and answer your questions clearly?
  4. Does the service suggest options and otherwise suggest it can do more?
  5. Was the contact able to provide good background information to advertised services?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, move on to the next contact. Don’t waste your time with people that can’t even manage to get a competent person on the phone to get new business.

If you answered “Yes” to all the questions, you’ve probably found your computer support.

Summer Means RoadTrip

I love taking roadtrips. Who doesn’t? During roadtrips, you can do two things that you love doing at one time: travel and  eat. 😀

A couple of weeks ago, my family and I went to Boracay via Kalibo. Naturally, from Kalibo we had to take a van to Caticlan. We were all excited about the roadtrip ahead. :) We already had food with us from chips to McDonald’s burgers, anyway.

These are a few of the shots I was able to take during the trip from Kalibo to Caticlan:

My nephew shared that when you cross a bridge, at the foot of the bridge, you hold your breath and make a wish. Then you breathe out at the end of the bridge. We passed by a couple of bridges after so we did just that.

We had fun during that roadtrip. :) You, too, can do the roadtrip this summer and make it more fun by bringing along your favorite McDonad’s fare.

Bringing Water Nature at Home

In recent years, homes have been embracing Zen interior design. Incorporating Zen in your interiors frees up your home from clutter and achieves a calm, clear, and pure atmosphere. And it can really be relaxing.

That is what I’m planning to do with the interiors of my house soon. I want it to become a haven where I can relax after a long day’s work. As I was researching, I found out that these are some of the things that I need to achieve that Zen.

  • pebbles
  • a piece of driftwood
  • a flower
  • a picture of a waterfall
  • a seascape

I always find water to be relaxing and refreshing like most of you, I’m sure. 😉 And good thing, I can get fountains and set them up at home, and not just pictures of a waterfall. I am pleasantly surprised that there are even ready-to-install water walls, and an assortment of water fountain designs that I can choose from. Or I can also get wall fountain showcase which already include pebbles and sycamore springs.

I have also seen other homes with outdoor fountains, and they also achieve the same effect. It gives your whole house that close-to-nature effect.

I’m excited already to get on with this project actually. 😉