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McDonald’s Ray Croc’s Birthday

It’s the birthday of the man who built the McDonald’s empire.

Ray Kroc was born on this day in Oak Park, Illinois (1902). He dropped out of high school, lied about his age, and signed up to be an ambulance driver during World War I. But the war ended before he was finished with training. He worked a few odd jobs and eventually became the sales executive for a mixing machine that could mix several milkshakes at a time. He spent 17 years traveling around and marketing the machine, and then he heard about a hamburger joint in San Bernardino, California, that was using eight of his mixers, and he went to check it out. The restaurant owners were Dick and Mac McDonald, and they sold a few items at a low price. Ray Kroc went in with them and expanded their business model, encouraged them to open up franchises, and in 1961, he bought them out. By the time Ray Kroc died in 1984, less than 25 years later, the company was worth $500 million, and there were McDonald’s restaurants in more than 100 countries.


The New Ayala A-Card

After a long wait, the Ayala Malls have finally come up with a new Ayala A-Card. So, last Sunday, Wizheart and I went to Glorietta to get our new A-Cards.

Each of us brought a Php10,000 worth of receipts/purchases in Ayala Center from January 2008 onwards. It was not hard to gather the 10k receipts because they honor practically all stores in Ayala Malls (including Trinoma, High Street, Market Market, Glorietta, Greenbelt, Alabang Town Center, or and Ayala Center Cebu), except receipts for bills.

In a nutshell, the Ayala A-Card offer the holder the following:

  1. discounts in all participating outlets
  2. freebies (to parking and Timezone, especially)
  3. free entrance to Customer Lounges
  4. free seats to events (in Ayala Malls, of course)
  5. exclusive invitations to sales, promos, workshops, concerts, and movie screenings

Isn’t it cool?

So why don’t you head to any Ayala Malls now, and get your A-Card as well. 😉

It was kinda sad to part with the old trusty Ayala Discount Plus card. After all it has served me well through these years.

Here are my husband’s cards:

Why do we prefer  going to Ayala Malls? Find out why. 😉

Delifrance’s My Secret Santa

Noemi plurked about Delifrance‘s MySecretSanta Treats. Jokingly, I told her to send me some treats. After a few minutes, Noemi did! Thank you!

And one good deed begets another. I sent out treats to my friends, too. The first one to my BFF, Agnes.

Now, it’s Chrismastime, and no other time in the year where the virtue of giving is highlighted. Giving is a lot of fun!

Why don’t you send your friends, some treats now? To do so, check out My Secret Santa. 😉

My treats photo credit.

Random Photos of NAIA Terminal 3

Last July 24, Wizheart flew to Iloilo for their UP High reunion. It was also the day when Air Philippines made it’s maiden flight at NAIA Terminal 3 (T3).

Well, after a much ballyhooed opening, they also experienced an inaugural delay. Their original ETD was at 4:30PM, but was moved to 7:30. The reason being that the additional servicing was causing a bottleneck. Why open it to accommodate airlines when it’s not ready?

In any case, Wizheart would have taken more photos if he had not been irate. Still…

a view from NAIA T3

shiny corridor of NAIA T3

check-in counters of NAIA T3

check-in counters of NAIA T3

pre-departure ares of NAIA T3

Go check out more photos by The Unlawyer.

Kwentong Kalye 1: We’ll still be cooking it, sir!

We decided to have lunch at Jollibee Merville one time. I was at the counter waiting for my order when I overheard this conversation between the old man (OM) and the counterlady (CL) on my right side.

CL: Sir, mga 15 minutes pa po.
(Sir, your order will take about 15 minutes.)

OM: Ha, bakit?

CL: Kasi, sir, lulutuin pa po, eh.
(We’ll still be cooking it, sir.)

OM: Ano, tanghali na magluluto pa kayo? Pambihira!
(What? It’s almost 12 noon, and you’re still going to be cooking? You’re impossible!)


Loose translation:
Kwentong Kalye = Pedestrians’ Stories

In local parlance, this is “Mga Kwentong Kalye.” Stories that we hear from the streets or things we experience on the streets.

If you have your own “kwentong kalye” do share them here. :)