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Plastic Ban, Finally!

Finally, Makati City is implementing the “no-plastic” policy through the EO No. 007, Series of 2012. It started last July 1st. And I know Parañaque City is following soon. I saw it on my Facebook stream.

SM Malls started with it, and practiced it every Wednesday. Then Mercury Drug would do it every Friday. Now, all shops in Makati are mandated to do away with plastic bags/cups/materials.

Adjustment Period

I, for one, is just making the adjustment as I was used to carrying things in a bag and not carrying them in my arms. I have to hold the paper bag well also lest I tore it and spill the contents. Thus, I have decided to always bring a bag, those canvass/cloth bags every time I go out. There are those that are folded. I suggest you get those so that you can pack it easily in your bag. It’s easier to commute with those bags, too.

Many ask about how to pack those perishables such as fish, meat, etc. Some say there are biodegradable “plastics.” I guess we’ll have to be bringing along containers for such goods.

At KFC De la Rosa, one time, we had to take out food and was told that they couldn’t give us the plastic spoon and fork. So another tip is to bring your own utensils.

At McDo Glorietta, they don’t serve free water because they don’t have extra cups for that. You buy first a drink, consume that drink, and use the paper cup for the water. So if you are a non-soda drinker, better bring your own water when you go to McDo Glorietta.


But I’m happy of this development. Paper is reusable, recyclable, biodegradable, and thus, environment-friendly.  I hope this is going to be a huge step toward addressing the garbage problem in the metro. Not to mention the flooding problem, that is caused also by the plastic materials clogging our canals and waterways.

Let’s hope the whole country will implement the policy, too.

SM Supermarkets Green Wednesday

Last Wednesday, I went to SM Makati Supermarket and did some grocery. At the check-out counter, I was asked, “Ma’am, paper bag or plastic bag?”

I said, “OK, paper bag.”

The bagger then put all my groceries in two paper bags. I had to carry the two paper bags by hugging them. With my shoulder bag and camera sling, I realized that it would be difficult for me to carry all of them to the shuttle parking. So, I asked the bagger if I could have a plastic bag to put my two paper bags in.

The bagger went, “You will have to pay Php3.00 ma’am. It’s our Green Wednesday rule.” Or something to that effect.

SM Supermarket’s purpose for this Green Wednesday dawned on me. Feeling guilty and since I’m also an advocate of going green, I endured the little inconvenience and carry the paper bags.

I commend SM really for all their green initiatives!

Cleaning Up Ayala Avenue

I was away for a week’s vacation  and was pleasantly surprised when I went back to work that Monday morning and saw these trash bins along Ayala Avenue.

What’s even more interesting is that the trash bins are categorized according to the kind of waste: non-biodegradable and biodegradable. The trash bins come in pair and are strategically placed, about every 10 meters away from the others.

I really hope people, especially those people smoking outside PBCOM building, would use these trash bins, and make Ayala Avenue much cleaner than it already is.

Kudos to those who have thought of this!

Let’s love this Earth. It’s all we got! 😀

E-jeepney Plying Makati Central Business District

Early this month, e-jeepneys started plying the streets of the Makati Central Business District.

According to Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay, the e-jeepneys represent the future of road travel in the financial capital.

Athena Ronquillo, GRIPP chair and lead proponent of the e-jeepney initiative further said, “The e-jeepneys aim to demonstrate that there are climate-friendly alternatives to the current polluting modes of public transportation in the Philippines.”

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Now, look who did the design! It’s a work of a true artist: Toym Imao, who happens to by my freshman dormmate and friend in (Kalayaan Residence Hall) UP.

Blog Action Day 2009: Let’s Preserve the Green

Today is Blog Action Day, and the theme is “Climate Change. Very fitting theme in the light of what’s happening in the country and in the rest of the world.

I live in a country where typhoons outnumber the number of months in a year. Can the number of typhoons outnumber that of the days of the month? I hope not. But the possibility is there. And the most likely culprit is climate change.

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The Eco-Plaza, Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati

This is a new building along Pasong Tamo (now Chino Roces Avenue) Extension in Makati City.

I first noticed this building when it was being built. I knew then it was something different because I noticed it was built like layers of terraces.

I cannot remember exactly when it opened, but the next time  I knew the building was finished. From the name alone, Ecoplaza, I’m sure it’s an environment-friendly building. Being one is something we really have to be from now on.

EcoPlaza address: 2305 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City.

Trying Out the e-Vehicles in The Fort

We capped Mother’s Day celebration last Sunday by trying out the battery-operated fiberglass tricycles plying The Fort.

I researched a bit about these trikes and only Good News Pilipinas gave me good answers. :)

These e-vehicles are Philippine made fiberglass-bodied E-3s that resemble huge golf carts powered by five 12V batteries, which need six to 10 hours of charging for a range of 100 to 120 kilometers at speeds of 30 to 45 kilometers per hour.

They are eco-friendly becausethey have no gas emissions, noise free, and health-friendly. The alternative transportation is also efficient, easy to use, more stable and safer for road travel.

“With the e-vehicles, consumption of electricity will only be P20 as against P200 of gasoline for the tricycles.”

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We had a fun ride, as our friendly driver gave us a tour of the shopping district of the Global City—from High Street to The Fort to Serendra and back to High Street. The ride was indeed noise-free, airy, and comfy.

The drivers don’t collect fees, but they appreciate a tip. I agree that they are indeed perfect for business districts, private subdivisions, resorts, and military camps.

My kids enjoyed it a lot that they had to ride the e-vehicle twice. :-)

Happy Earth Day at Starbucks!

Happy Earth Day!

Today is a good day like any other day to pay tribute to Mother Earth.  There are many ways to do it, actually. You may:

  • choose to walk to lower carbon release
  • cut grass instead of using the mower
  • refuse to have your purchases wrapped or bagged in plastic
  • start recycling
  • turn off lights, air-conditioners, electric fans, TV, radio when not in use
  • unplug idle electric gadgets
  • (a tall order, maybe) for manufacturing companies, perhaps  halt operations for one day or a couple of hours

The list could go on and on. Incidentally, Starbucks Philippines is celebrating Earth Day by encouraging their customers to bring their own Starbucks tumbler when they go order coffee. The invitation goes:

On Earth Day, make one cup matter.

One tumbler used in place of one disposable cup
can help reduce millions in paper and plastic consumption.

Join us in this cause and we’ll take Php40 off the price of your beverage when you use your tumbler at any Starbucks store in the Philippines on April 22 & 23.

Love Mother Earth today and always!

Show your Love for the Earth

… for  one hour on March 28, 2009. From 8:30 to 9:30 in the evening, everyone is enjoined to turn off all your lights. More suggestions are found here.

I remember when I was still in Iligan living with my parents, my father would say that he liked brownouts because it gave the family time to talk and enjoy the night.

Yeah, we would then sit on our veranda, look at the skies, breathe in the mountain breeze (our village is a valley, you see, so we were sort of surrounded by mountains), and talk the night away. We would always welcome this peace and quiet, and of course the humor only Hutsai has. Sometimes, we would also sing along while Hutsai plays the guitar.

So why not enjoy some peace and quiet, which we all need badly, and at the same time Vote for Earth. Like us, mother Earth also needs a break from all this noise, all this hassle and bustle we call “technology-driven” life.

For us, we’ll turn off the lights and all electric appliances, no texting, iPods, iTouch, PS, and just enjoy the peace and quiet.

Can Mother Earth count on your vote on Saturday?