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The Symphony of Parol at the Ayala Triangle Opens the Yuletide Season

Last November 17th, the Symphony of Parol also called by Ayala Land as Christmas at the Gardens featuring Parol, opened at the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

Wizheart and I decided to celebrate his birthday there during the opening. We were again awed by the symphony of lights (its name last year).

Take a look:

After that awesome display, we got hungry, and so we checked out the newly opened restos at the Ayala Triangle. Look which restos are there.

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Blessings & Prosperity Food Court Opens on Ayala Corner Rufino Streets

A new food court opens on Ayala Avenue and Rufino Street, Makati City. Called Blessings and Prosperity Food Court, it houses stalls that offer street food such as fish balls or kwek-kwek (quail eggs covered with flour and deep fried), or even siomai.

It’s a  welcome treat for all workers in the area. If you like eating street food in an air-conditioned restaurant, then this food court is for you. Check it out!

Cleaning Up Ayala Avenue

I was away for a week’s vacation  and was pleasantly surprised when I went back to work that Monday morning and saw these trash bins along Ayala Avenue.

What’s even more interesting is that the trash bins are categorized according to the kind of waste: non-biodegradable and biodegradable. The trash bins come in pair and are strategically placed, about every 10 meters away from the others.

I really hope people, especially those people smoking outside PBCOM building, would use these trash bins, and make Ayala Avenue much cleaner than it already is.

Kudos to those who have thought of this!

Let’s love this Earth. It’s all we got! 😀

Ayala Avenue Dresses Up for Christmas

The Christmas decors along Ayala Avenue were put up last week, and today I decided to take photos of it. Again, I forgot my digicam, so I took the photos using my Nokia E63.

1st photo: I was walking toward PBCom Tower, Ayala Avenue cor. Rufino Street.

2nd photo: I was on the corner of Ayala Avenue and Rufino Street.

I’m excited about Christmas already! :)

Ayala Avenue Filled Up for Tita Cory

Yesterday, the remains of former President Corazon C. Aguino were transferred to Manila Cathedral from La Salle Greenhills.

The route of the motorcade was from Ortigas Avenue to EDSA to Ayala Avenue, then to Buendia, to Manila.

As the parade drew near Ayala Avenue, office workers in Makati trooped to Ayala to pay their last respects.

I just noticed that my shots were not able to capture the yellow confetti. Thanks Paolo, my 6-footer officemate, for taking these shots. :)

More photos HERE.

Karate Kid on KPMG, Ayala Avenue

On my way to the office this morning, a lady handed me this flyer. Karate Kid is now on KPMG building, Ayala Avenue, Makati.

From the flyer, they have affordable bento and other Japanese meals and drinks. Plus they had delivery service!

So, this Thursday, my officemates and I will most likely try the resto out. 😉

We did and when we opened the Tonkatsu Bento, this is what we found:

so unlike from the photo, especially the tonkatsu, in the flyer and the taste is so-so (._.)

Click HERE for another resto on KPMG building, Ayala Avenue.