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Spain Forever at Tapella Restaurant


Spain Forever!

at Tapella Restaurant, G/F Greenbelt 5

November 6, 2012, Tuesday, from 6:30PM to 10:30PM


Join Chef Alexandra and her team as they showcase Spain’s culinary glory. Spain Forever! is a food travelogue featuring the four regions of Spain.

Enjoy the world famous paella from Valencia, the raved pintxos of Donistia, the sea food delicacies of El Sur and the delicious meat of Madrid, Badajoz and Castilla Leon, prepared as how they are made in Spain. To complete your dining experience, bottles of wine are carefully selected to suit your preference and satisfaction.

On this night, you will not only get enjoy the rich and unique flavors of Spain’s regional dishes, but you will also get the chance to win two (2) gift certificates to Camaya Resort, courtesy of Fuego Hotels.

Reserve now and call us at 757.2710 or call and text through 0917.891.7364. You may also confirm your reservations via email at

Check Out the New Menu at Tapella and Gaudi Restaurants

If you have not been to Tapella Restaurant in Greenbelt 5 or Gaudi Restaurant in Serendra for quite sometime, then it’s time you visit the restos again. Chef Xandra has prepared new delectable menu for you.

Last Wednesday, eve of Halloween, we got to sample the dishes of this new menu and went home with happy and full tummies. Our dining experience started by Chef Xandra challenging us to make our own Sangria. 

buckles007's StoryHere’s my own Sangria:

Put in a glass (1) brandy (2) liquor, Triple Sec (3) red wine (4) ice cubes (5) Sprite and (6) slices of lemon or apple – The result was not so okay because I poured in too much Triple Sec. LOL

Ingredients of Sangria

After the Sangria preparation and tasting, we went inside the resto and dug in to a delectable array of Spanish food.

Plato de Pintxos Calientes

A plate of sumptuous hot tapas of calamares, chorizo, croquetas béchamel, sobresada de quezo manchego, purusalda, tigres, champi, and pollo moruno

Plato de Pintxos Frios

A sumptuous treat of cold tapas composed of cucumber, sardines, pulpo, cojonudos, gazpacho, veruta, agustin, and baine

Pollo Moruno con Couscous

This dish reflects the Mediterranean and Moroccan influences in Spanish cooking. Couscous is popular in Southern Spain, a healthier alternative to rice. Chef Xandra’s Pollo Moruno con Couscous has almonds, raisins, onions, and Moorish chicken. Flavor is evoked by the combination of almonds and raisins against onions.

Mar y Montana

It is a plateful of grilled steaks and prawns served with French beans, carrots, zucchinis, potato gratin, and béarnaise sauce.

Rabo de Toro

I liked this slow-cooked imported ox tail, pour a good red wine, and add some saffron. The succulent meat served with fries and carrots

Tarte de Tomate

Probably my most favorite in this batch, this appetizer bursts in your mouth with a flavor of organic tomatoes.  The sweet and succulent tomatoes sitting on Malagos cheese and caramelized walnuts, perfectly crowned with lettuce, lollorossa, and shrimps, then drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and added with a little bit of balsamic vinegar is just perfect!

Huevos Estrellados con Jamon y Pimientos

We were told that this is famous dish in Spain. To eat it, use your spoon and fork to make a criss-cross cut of the eggs and potatoes. Watch the yolk spread out until it seeps through the bottom and coats the potatoes. The crispy Serrano ham and peppers complement it so well that it seems like a comfort food all-together.

Gambas Mikel

Shrimps are enveloped in blank ink batter then dipped in aioli

Fideua Negra

This dish is a variation of Paella Negra. This time, a black squid pasta. Fine wheat noodle pasta is cooked with lemon and added with bite-sized squids and shrimps. It is topped with aioli sprinkled with chives, along with cream dory coated with batter. Eating it is such a joy that you won’t mind having squid ink on your lips or teeth. It has that savory and tangy taste in every bite, which reminds you of gastronomic delights of Catalonia.

Chocolate X

This is a divine dessert. The chocolate is bitter, sweet and salty! Just the way I like it! 😉

If all these food is not making you drool, I don’t know with you. Enjoy these new dishes each time you visit Gaudi and Tapella. Trust a Spanish chef with years of kitchen experience to bring authentic Spanish dishes to feast with family, friends, and business partners.

For inquiries and reservations, call (02) 757-2710 or 856-0473.


Gaudi is located at the Ground Level of cosmopolitan Serendra in Taguig while Tapella at Ground Level of Greenbelt 5. Both restaurants offer a patio for those who want to be seen and the large booths inside good forpower talks and intimate chats. Surrounded by top business offices, theatres and high end shops, it makes an ideal spot for a quiet coffee, a fashionable lunch or a romantic dinner.

Check out Krazy Garlik!

I think it was about a month ago that I got invited to the soft opening of Krazy Garlik, and though a funny thing happened to me there, I enjoyed the food and the ambiance! ;))

Perhaps you would think that when you go there and eat you’ll leave with your mouth still tasting the garlic, or worse smelling garlic. But no, the garlic ingredient in every dish is so subtle that it just blends well with the rest of the ingredients.

Conclusion: Food at Krazy Garlic is really good! The dishes are a mix of Spanish, Italian, Mexican but with a twist of garlic in every dish.

Resolution: I went back there last night with my college buddies, Deng and Amay. Yes the three silly dwarfs stuffed themselves with seafood in coconut curry (my original fave!), crispy pata (my new fave!), and assorted mushrooms. Drinks were travel ____, chinese snowflakes, and pink slush. We ended dinner with peppermint tea (mine), coffee (Deng’s) and another tea for Amay. Too bad, we didn’t have cameras with us.

Here are the photos during the soft opening.

Krazy Garlik is on the 2nd floor, Greenbelt 5, Makati City. You may call them at 501-3752.

Easter Fun at Tapella Restaurant

Easter gives more reasons to have fun with family and friends with Tapella Restaurant’s Easter Fun. Kids will jump for joy and have a blast on Sunday April 04, 2010 from 4pm-7pm with magics, mimes and clowns! Games and tricks, egg painting contests, balloon twisting, fun filled activities and loads of prizes await kids in the much Easter Egg Hunt. Gather the most number of eggs and get prizes from Star Paper. What’s more is that kid’s will be delighted with dunkin’ donuts upon registration plus yummy spaghetti and other kiddie snacks while enjoying the event. For only php500nett, kids and family will have a holistic Easter Sunday.

Kids at heart will also enjoy sumptuous Easter especial starting from php300 and delight in the comforts of Tapella’s serene ambiance.

TAPELLA is another Spanish dining creation by Gaudi. Located in the cosmopolitan Greenbelt 5, TAPELLA is open all day and night and offers a wide variety of Spanish cuisine served in an informal and relaxed ambience. Headed by Executive Chef Alexandra Cacho, the restaurant specializes in tapas and paellas plus a wider range of salads, pastas and desserts served the Spanish way that will surely perk up your gustatory spree. The wine selection is from around the world valued well for money. The ambiance gives a modern and relaxed atmosphere with interiors designed with red and beige accent.

For inquiries and reservations please call 7572710.

Friday Wine Nights at Tapella, Greenbelt 3

Tapas, Paella and more – this is TAPELLA by Gaudi where Spanish dining has become innovative and exciting.  Located in the cosmopolitan Greenbelt 5, TAPELLA is the restaurant where the hip generation can satisfy their demanding appetite, maintain their youthful health and enjoy time.

Top caliber Chef Alexandra G. has prepared a menu of tapas, paellas, salads, seafood, pastas and deserts in the way they are served in Spain and in servings that can fit just one or to be shared by a group.  The wine selection is from around the world valued well for money.  Many are available by the glass.  The bar list comprises the most popular cocktails and drinks.

The ambiance gives a modern and relaxed atmosphere with interiors designed with wooden chairs and tables and soothing music to complete the setting.

Every Friday, Tapella offers Wine Night from 6:00pm-9:00pm indulge in all the wines and cocktail you want for only Php600. Savor carefully selected wines from around the world or enjoy a cocktail from the wide array of drinks, canapés, tapas and more available at the bar. Relax in a cozy, modern, no-frills atmosphere with authentic Spanish music and feel like you’ve stepped onto the Iberian Peninsula.

For more information and reservations, visit us at Ground Floor, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City or call 757-2710 to 11, visit, or email

Greenbelt 5 Attempted Robbery

This photo was taken during the early days of Greenbelt 5. I think this spot is near the Rolex shop, which has yet to open that time.

The Greenbelt 5 attempted robbery yesterday was a brazen act and a real shocker. Just like the Glorietta  2 incident, my family or I could have been nearby or right at the spot where the unfortunate event took place.

According to the news, six armed men dressed in bomb-squad uniforms went to the Rolex shop and attempted to rob it. The investigation is ongoing.

Our observation is that the spot of Rolex shop is at the middle and a good walking, or even running distance, from the exits. The robbers must have really been quick to be able to leave the place and escape the authorities.

The incident shook me. The place is close to my heart because I am there almost every day of the week!

1 killed, 1 hurt in mall robbery
Security lapses seen in Greenbelt 5 heist – NCRPO

Collezione C2 Opens in Greenbelt 5

Yes, Collezione C2, the now popular store that carries the My Pilipinas Series, has opened in Greenbelt 5. The store got the public’s attention with the My Pilipinas t-shirts. Now the store has a bigger clothing collection. The My Pilipinas Series now includes hoodies, shorts, dresses, knitted blouses, and collared– and non-collared shirts.

Wizheart and I had our usual Friday date earlier and went strolling Greenbelt 5 while deciding where to dine. We chanced upon Collezione C2 and checked it out. Look who I saw there, too? Yes, the bubbly and uber friendly IC Mendoza!

Getting there:
Collezione C2 is at the 2nd level of Greenbelt 5. It’s on the side that is nearer Greenbelt 1.

By the way, Collezione C2 now has two outlets in Ayala Center-Makati. The other store is in Glorietta 3.

Royce Chocolate Mallows

A very good friend from Dubai gifted me with a box of Royce Chocolate Mallows last week. I like the choco mallows because they are not too sweet. The sweet mallows are covered with dark chocolate. So the bitter and sweet taste play in your palate really well.

A combination of bitter and sweet is my favorite actually.

Royce chocolates are available at the ground level of Greenbelt 5.

Tapella Opens in Greenbelt 5

In a land where Spanish influence is seen in manners, in clothing, and in cuisine, it’s still good to discover a place where you can have that innovative Spanish flavor in every bite.

You will experience this at the newly opened Tapella Restaurant at Greenbelt 5, Makati.

When I went there, I was warmly welcomed by its amiable Executive Chef Alexandra Cacho. Muy bonita!

She gamely gave us a chitchat before the food tasting began. She told us that every year she would go home to Spain and be updated on the latest in Spanish cuisine. She would bring what she learned to the Philippines and innovate. She also added that Tapella has new dishes every six months, retaining of course the popular dishes.

Tapella interiors are cosy. The chairs are comfy and even if it’s a bit small indoors, there’s still some room to move around. The outdoor part is also perfect for al serenidad dining. The outdoor bar is perfect for dining and wining at nigthtime and enjoying the greenery of Greenbelt.

After a few minutes, the serving of different Spanish dishes began. We started with white garlic and almond soup shooters. It was my first time to taste some cold soup shooter. The taste was distinctly garlicky and you chew on bits of almonds. When you toss it up, you end up munching on slices of a grapefruit. It warms up the palate for the next dishes.

More appetizers came, whic are equally a delight to the palate.

the camembert with caramelized onions

chorizo stewed in red wine ~ yum!

cocido meat on fluted bread

garlic sauteed shrimp the modern way

el Bulli – calamari with black ink – this was topped with aioli dip

and my fave among the appetizers served was the octopus with paprika salt & virgin olive oil ~ twas my first time to taste octopus, and never thought I’d love it.

After the appetizers were the paella in different flavors. I must admit it was also the first time I tasted paella that I liked. I even texted Wizheart to tell him about it. :) The rice was perfectly cooked, and the flavors of salmon (the salmon paella was for the non-meat eaters), meat blended well together.

picadillo paella

creamy seafood paella

Alaska king crab paella

manchego cheese, chicken, asparagus, and shrimp paella

They have about five varieties of paella. You should check each one out!

The paella was served with the yummy steak! Burners were set up on the table, and beef strips were served. It was up to us if we wanted the meat to rare, medium rare, or well done.

Too bad, I had a meeting at 2:30pm so I didn’t stay for the desserts. But I know Tapella desserts are to die for. If their appetizers and main dishes tickled my palate, how much more the sweets.

Friday “Wine Nights” from 6 to 9, wine lovers can enjoy overflowing wine served with tapas for only Php600.

Indeed, at Tapella, there is a new way of dining. It’s fine dining on yummy innovative Spanish cuisine at popular prices.

As Tapella’s dining principle says:

“Start with a traditional base, pour an infusion of unique contrasting flavors and a spoonful of intense passion, a dash of talent and a sprig of innovation. Finish off with disconcerting textures and illusion.”

Getting there

Tapella Restaurant is at the ground level, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center Makati. For the uninitiated, the resto is nearer Greenbelt 1.  You take the Greenbelt 1 exit going to Greenbelt 2. Right at the exit doors, you turn left right away, and you won’t miss Tapella.

Call for reservations: 757-2710 OR email at

Vamos a comer! =P~