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The GCash and Friendster Partnership

Yes, you heard it right. Globe GCash and Friendster are partnering to provide online money transfer. I read about it in the newspapers a couple of days ago, I think.

According to the news:

GXI and Friendster introduces the online money transfer feature to provide a more convenient and reliable way of transferring GCASH within Friendster. For a minimal amount of Php2.50 per transaction, a Friendster member can already send GCASH to anyone in his friends list by simply viewing the profile of the intended recipient and clicking the GCASH button after specifying the amount involved.

To ensure the security and authenticity of the funds transfer, a confirmation request is forwarded to the sender’s Globe or TM SIM then GCASH is transferred as simple as a text message.

For the GCCASH service, you can go to any GLOBE business center and apply for one.

More about the story:
Friendster Users Can Now Send Money Via GCASH

Kwentong Kalye 1: We’ll still be cooking it, sir!

We decided to have lunch at Jollibee Merville one time. I was at the counter waiting for my order when I overheard this conversation between the old man (OM) and the counterlady (CL) on my right side.

CL: Sir, mga 15 minutes pa po.
(Sir, your order will take about 15 minutes.)

OM: Ha, bakit?

CL: Kasi, sir, lulutuin pa po, eh.
(We’ll still be cooking it, sir.)

OM: Ano, tanghali na magluluto pa kayo? Pambihira!
(What? It’s almost 12 noon, and you’re still going to be cooking? You’re impossible!)


Loose translation:
Kwentong Kalye = Pedestrians’ Stories

In local parlance, this is “Mga Kwentong Kalye.” Stories that we hear from the streets or things we experience on the streets.

If you have your own “kwentong kalye” do share them here. :)

Self-service loading: Globe AutoloadMax

Signs are everywhere that texting is the new technology:

1. the SIM cards have become super cheap at Php35.
2. all unlitext or alltext promos for only Php10 you can have 100 text messages for free
3. loading pre-paid accounts through ATM cards or credit cards
4. share a load and pasa load through cellphones
5. loading from your suking tindahan :)
6. and now this:

    Globe AutoloadMax 1

    Globe AutoloadMax 2

    Globe AutoloadMax 3

    Globe AutoloadMax instructions

    Globe AutoloadMax instructions

    Loading has definitely been made easy through it.

    These machines are found in the De la Rosa Car Park, Makati.

    What’s “In” this Summer is also “In” the Whole Year Round

    There are two stores here in the metro that have been enjoying brisk sales year round. There is not a day that I don’t see these stores idle.

    I think they’re off peak hours is only in the first hour of every day. 😀

    Which stores are these? The Crocs and All Flip-Flops, which carry the Havaianas, of course!

    sales at Crocs

    sales at Havaianas

    The photos were of Crocs and All Flip-Flops on High Street at the Fort.