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WOFEX @ 18

The World Food Expo (WOFEX) is Bigger at 18!

The ultimate food show in the country, World Food Expo (WOFEX), returns much bigger this year as it celebrates 18 years of serving the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry, and two years of holding the Hotel Summit and Expo.

If you miss it last year, you must catch it this time from August 1 to August 4, 2018 in two simultaneous venues, SMX Convention Center in Pasay City (MOA area) and in World Trade Center Manila.

WOFEX 2018 Sked

WOFEX 2018 Schedule of Activities

Hotel Summit at WOFEX

Hotel Summit and Expo Schedule of Activities

What you can expect at WOFEX and Hotel Summit & Expo

Exciting and out-of-the-ordinary culinary experience. Visitors can hop from one booth to another and sample both local and international cuisine and beverage. For the past years, I always look forward to the Spanish, Korean, and Vietnamese food. But there are other exciting booths, and so be prepared to have a full stomach!

Advanced cooking learning platform. The WOFEX University is the advanced learning platform that guests can learn from practicing professionals.

The Philippine Culinary Cup (PCC) is the country’s most prestigious culinary competition and is the only food competition endorsed by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS).  On its 9th year, PCC now has more foreign teams battling it out with some of the best local hotels, schools, and restaurants. This is the time where Philippines can benchmark and learn that we can compete with the best of the best.

Innovative Kitchen Theater. Well-known chefs will share their culinary skills and techniques to eager visitors.

Exciting travel and hotel discoveries. The world’s leading hospitality brands and products will showcase their best offerings at the Foreign Pavilion, World Trade Center Manila. This year, there will be 14 participating countries from all over the world.

Newly launched Philippine Sustainable Gastronomy (PSG). From August 2 to 3, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center, expo visitors can witness and participate in a most relevant conversation on culinary and agricultural tourism and how to support the farm-to-table movement or sustainable farming. For this activity, WOFEX partners with Slow Food Philippines.

PH Sustainable Gastronomy

Philippine Sustainable Gastronomy Schedule

The Philippine Sustainable Gastronomy Congress focuses on food as a solution for climate change. It aims to play a major role in achieving sustainable development goals by promoting agricultural development, food security, nutrition, sustainable food production, and the conservation of biodiversity.

They recognize that food is a cause of climate change. From field to fork, our food system contributes one-fifth of greenhouse gas emissions. The production of food is a victim of climate change, too, due to desertification, floods, sea-level rise and ocean pollution. Thus, the need to advocate for Food for Change.

The congress will feature bite-sized conversations as follows:

August 2 – Voting with your Fork: Food Activism will explore actions and initiatives that support food justice, sustainable farming and biodiversity. Panel members are Jeannie Javelosa of Echostore, Karla Delgado of Kai Farms, Cherrie Atilano of Agrea Farms, and Jack Flaminiano of Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement. Moderator: Pacita “Chit” Juan of Slow Food Manila.

Slow Travel: A Journey of the Senses will discuss travel based on gastronomic traditions and culture of a place, mapping regions based on food biodiversity, telling the stories of farmers and artisans of a region. Panel members are Ige Ramos of Republic of Taste, Cathy Turvill of Nurture Wellness Village, and Dept of Tourism Cordillera Regional Director Venus Tan. Moderator: Clang Garcia of Food Holidays.

Sailing on the Ark of Taste: Expedition to Lola’s Kitchen and Heritage Cuisine will discover, savor and transform our local and heritage produce, varieties and cuisine towards preserving biodiversity and food culture. Panel members are Rica Buenaflor of Best of Bicol, Chef Tibong Jardeleza of Rafael’s, and Ken Alonso of Proudly Promdi. Moderator: Reena Francisco.

August 3 – The Conscious Carnivore. The discussion will dwell on life of mindful
and ethical animal eating. Panel members are Nicolo Aberasturi of Down To Earth, Olive Puentespina of Malagos Farms, Gael Papillon of Pamora Farms. Moderators: Jairus Ferrer join ABS-CBN’s Ces Drilon.

Waste Not, Want Not: Reducing the Food Waste Footprint. A very contentious issue on food waste, the discussion will try to understand nose-to-tail, preserving and canning food, composting, and tips to leftover cuisine. Panel members: Eric Atanacio of Terra Verde Ecofarms, Mac Florendo of Food Rescue, Melody Melo-Rijk of World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines join together with Chit Juan moderating.

Food for Change Action Plan. In this culminating discussion, Asia’s Best Female Chef Margarita Fores joins Vicky Wallace of Bohol Bee Farm, Josie Costales of Costales Farms, and Chef Anthony Raymond of Discovery Leisure, will talk about how to help change our food beliefs and habits so we become active co-producers and not passive consumers. Moderator: Jennifer Viloria of IISLA Investments, one of the partners of PSG.

The first Philippine Sustainable Gastronomy wishes to be a game changer when it comes to sustainability in the gastronomy sphere, and starts conversations and finds solutions to food being affected by climate change. PSG is organized by PEPTarsus, with its partners: Slow Food Manila, which is part of a worldwide organization advocating good, clean and fair food; IISLA (Inclusive Investment in Sustainable Livelihood & Aspirations); and WorldChefs’ Feed the Planet.

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Commuting to Manila

UBER no longer available

Since Uber is suspended and when I checked Grab, the fee was über high I decided to take the shuttle, those UV Express Service.

I had to go to my son’s dorm in UST area. So, I was told to take the shuttle from Bicutan to Lawton and get off at Park n Ride in Lawton. From there, I would take the jeep to UST-Dapitan. Alright.

My husband took me to the shuttle terminal in Egypt, Doña Soledad but there was a long line, so he took me to the terminal at the back of SM Bicutan. There was no line there! Yey!

We took off right away and OMG! My driver was the king of the road! We took the Skyway and even if it was packed our driver managed to snake his way through by changing lanes and honking his horn. He was driving this way until we reached Buendia turned to Dian-Durango-Bautista-P.Ocampo-Taft until we reached Lawton.

Since, I would be stopping off at his last stop, I seated myself at the back of the van. It was cramped but that is commuting for you. I didn’t mind. Besides the AC of the van was working well. What I didn’t like was the way the driver went about his business. I felt I had to also stretch my foot as if putting on the breaks and would close my eyes several times waiting for the crash to happen. I couldn’t remember the many times we almost crash into a vehicle ahead of us or beside us. He wanted to be ahead of every vehicle! I looked around my co-passengers and they seemed to didn’t mind. Some were staring into space, some were napping. But all of them were hooked on their smartphones listening to music or watching a video.

Would you believe? I was praying that a traffic enforcer would flag us down and arrest the driver. I didn’t care if I would be late for my appointment or something. I just wanted the driver to be apprehended.

I was the last one to get off at Lawton, and I said, “Grabe ka Kuya magdrive parang ambulansya.” (trans: you’re driving was crazy man!) And he just responded with a naughty smile. Grrrr!

I felt really unsafe!

Was it because I was no longer used to taking public transport or was that driver an exception and was really reckless?

So, here’s an appeal to LTFRB or whichever agency is it that handles erring drivers–may it be vans or cabs–to passionately pursue disciplining them like LTFRB is doing with Uber and other ride-sharing services.

Safe transport does not only involve having all the documents, complying with all the licenses or what-have-you. It also involves having conditioned public utility vehicles and responsible drivers.

Kwentong Kalye 3: It Pays to Be…

Setting: Megamall Carpark

Two motorists going around looking for a parking space. Motorist A finally found an opening and so waited on the sideline. But when the space became available, Motorist B cut him out and beat him to it.

Motorist B then blurted out, “It pays to be fast!”

Perhaps due to sheer frustration, the Motorist A crashed into Motorist B’s vehicle then went, “It pays to be rich!”

Note: The story was related to me by a friend. :)

This is a repost.  The one I posted got lost in the transfer to this new domain, I think.

Kwentong Kalye 1: We’ll still be cooking it, sir!

We decided to have lunch at Jollibee Merville one time. I was at the counter waiting for my order when I overheard this conversation between the old man (OM) and the counterlady (CL) on my right side.

CL: Sir, mga 15 minutes pa po.
(Sir, your order will take about 15 minutes.)

OM: Ha, bakit?

CL: Kasi, sir, lulutuin pa po, eh.
(We’ll still be cooking it, sir.)

OM: Ano, tanghali na magluluto pa kayo? Pambihira!
(What? It’s almost 12 noon, and you’re still going to be cooking? You’re impossible!)


Loose translation:
Kwentong Kalye = Pedestrians’ Stories

In local parlance, this is “Mga Kwentong Kalye.” Stories that we hear from the streets or things we experience on the streets.

If you have your own “kwentong kalye” do share them here. :)