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Car Repairs Made Easy

Our 2004 Isuzu Dimax 4×2  pick-up vehicle was recently serviced for general check-up and repair. With the odometer reading now at 245,000 kms., regular check-ups should not be missed.

First major operation include change oil and oil filter, and replacement of fuel filter. A good oiling condition will always make the engine perform efficiently. Next was the check-up on oil leak which resulted to replacement of input and output oil seal at crankshaft. This confirmed my earlier suspicion  that there seemed to be some oil leaks observed at the bottom of the engine. The water pipe hose was likewise replaced because it was found to be already quite “soft” and could anytime malfunction and leak which would result to overheating. All belts were also replaced. These were, timing belt (engine), steering belt (steering wheel), alternator belt (battery charging system), and air-con belt (air conditioner). All of these already showed signs of deterioration after almost reaching their respective service lives. Miscellaneous jobs like check-up of brake and lighting system were finally done.

A minor glitch occurred when it was time to pay for all the repair and check-up jobs. The cost was way over our budget. Let’s just say, we were not able to estimate the cost correctly. If only we consulted a repair price estimator, we could have been more prepared.

It pays to have your cars regularly checked. And it won’t hurt if you also research on auto care tips. It saves you from more expensive repairs and parts acquisition in the future and from the added inconveniences of frequent car breakdowns on the road. More importantly, it may cost your lives.