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Go Skydiving in Australia!

If you’re into adventure and lots of nature, then you will surely enjoy Australia. That is what my husband told me. He went to Melbourne when we were still boyfriend and girlfriend, and had the time and circumstance been favorable, I would have gone with him.

But since we have a lot of friends there, the possibility of going back, with me tugging along this time, is not remote. Our friends have already been talking about going skydiving in Wollongong. Another group of friends also mentioned about a skydiving in Brisbane.

Well, we will try to go to Wollongong or Brisbane, but I know we will check out the skydiving in Sydney first. It will be like hitting two birds in one stone for me. I will not only see The Sydney Opera House but also get to skydive.

But before I do go skydiving and feel the adrenalin rush at 200kph, I’ll have to beef up on my skydiving skills, and prepare myself.

Here’s a word of caution from Dropzone:

“Skydiving accidents rarely result from equipment failure or bad luck. Remember: knowledge, skill and attitude. It’s about you as the individual. Even though this is a dangerous sport, if you exercise your new skills, keep your cool and do everything you’re taught to do, you should be fine.”