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AlDub and Laglag Bala

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I hope I won’t get flagged for the title of this post.

But there’s a reason why I’m writing about these two topics now. As you all know, these are the hottest news about our country lately that has attracted the attention of people worldwide.

Let me start with the positive news first, the AlDub Nation. I don’t need to expound further as much have already been written about Alden (aka Alden Richards) and Yaya Dub (aka Maine Mendoza of the Dubsmash fame).

Breaking all Twitter records and being picked up by CNN Philippines and BBC News Asia, and even Bloomberg, the tandem is phenomenal. CNN PH talks about how AlDub has the stirred anew the old-fashioned values of family and community. BBC NA tagged AlDub as a social media phenomenon about love and lip-synching.  And Bloomberg, being a business channel, hits on AlDub as a new disrupter in the practice of marketing. The local newspapers and online portals also have their take on the AlDub’s influence on TV viewing, TV ratings, and social media explosion.

I do watch the segment every chance I get, and although I cannot call myself a fan or a fanatic, I am as amazed as everyone else by how much it has broken into the consciousness of every Filipino here and abroad. Truly, it is a phenomenon.

I talked to a friend and an avid follower of AlDub and she said something that really struck me. AlDub has no fans club. It has created fan communities (because yes in social media, you have communities). That is how the new media operates. You create communities and you organize these communities. Now, according to my friend, these communities joined by Facebook or Twitter or SMS or all three, discuss and decide what is the official hashtag of a particular episode. Once an hashtag (example: #ALDUBEBTamangPanahon) is decided, these communities start tweeting using the hashtag. The tweeting and sharing on Facebook has no time and boundary. She mentions that many of them stay until the wee hours of the morning (and I’m guessing, some don’t sleep at all) tweeting to their hearts’ content. So that even before Eat Bulaga airs and even after the show has stopped airing for the day, the tweets keep coming.

Very clever for the group behind AlDub! Take note for these are valuable lessons for those working with brands on social media engagement.

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Just when we have put out there positive news, scalawags in uniforms are out to spoil our fun. The Laglag Bala modus operandi, aka Tanim Bala, in NAIA airports is shameful, frustrating, and stupid!

The first time it happened, Malacañang dismissed it as an isolated case. Further investigation proved, though, that the incident was a modus operandi. And just recently, the modus has exploded. Suddenly, one OFW after another returning to the country has been nabbed as bringing home bullets. These bullets are found lodged in the traveler’s luggage, and often in the carry-on baggage. Who in his right mind would hand-carry and just put the bullet, an illegal item, randomly in pockets that can easily be scanned and inspected? And after one person has been caught, another person would come home bearing the same illegal item. Have these returning OFWs gone mad?

What is more frustrating is that the authorities don’t seem to find an urgency to get to the bottom of this… and that is after several incidents already. Unbelievable! This incident, on the other hand, teaches us a valuable lesson on how to be stupid and play dumb!

PAO opens hotline for bullet-planting victims

Two stories, although disparate, that arouse the emotions of us, Filipinos.


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LINE unveils new TVC starring Super Junior’s Siwon

 From the LINE TVC

Last night, I saw for the very first time the TVC of LINE on local television. I thought to myself, there might be thousands of Filipino K-Pop fans who were screaming upon seeing that TVC.

Well, delight yourselves K-Pop fans as the TVC will be running for a long while. LINE, the world’s hottest mobile messenger, signs up Siwon, the lead singer of the widely popular Korean boy band Super Junior as their newest brand ambassador.

Filipino K-Pop fans have already seen and heard Siwon live when the Super Junior band came to country to perform last April 2010 and February 2011.

Through the TVC, Siwon vividly shows how LINE can be excellent communication medium that connects beloved friends and family wherever they are in the world.

Siwon and acting Patricia play the role of a couple separated by physical distance. Because of LINE, they have are able to communicate and become closer despite the distance. LINE’s social digital platforms allow Siwon and Patricia to exchange virtual stickers that help them express their feelings and thoughts toward each other.

“Oftentimes, I am away from home, so I miss my families and friends a lot. But sometimes I am a bit too shy to express my feelings. Since I started using LINE, it became much easier for me to exchange my feelings with my families and friends, even when I am far away in other countries. LINE stickers are very expressive and perky, so if you use stickers, you can express your feelings more effectively than using just words,” Siwon remarked.

Siwon further added, “I think LINE is an excellent communication tool that keeps the relationship between you and your friends and family even tighter, because it is possible to communicate subtle emotions through LINE. Now, I can’t imagine life without LINE.”

Lee Jin Woo, General Manager of LINE Business Office at LINE PLUS explained, “We at LINE have always been open to innovative and creative ways to put our mobile messaging platform out there and to reach as many people as we can. Starting with this TV commercial, we plan to cooperate with various Philippine local businesses and brands for more localized offerings in order to provide a more exciting and enriching experience for Philippine users.”

Through the continuous release of diverse features, LINE has become widely popular worldwide, reaching 140 million users globally. LINE has also shown a strong presence in western countries as it has hit 10 million users in Spain. Furthermore, LINE is constantly achieving great success from globally-acclaimed features such as LINE Camera, which has recently hit 30 million users, and LINE JELLY which is the newest LINE Game starring LINE’s beloved characters.

You can access LINE through their website: or mobile platform at To be always updates with the latest, check out their social media network:

LINE Facebook page
LINE Official YouTube Page
LINE Official Blog
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About LINE
LINE is a smartphone app which allows users to enjoy free calls and messages to one another, both nationally and internationally, regardless of which mobile network provider they are using. Launched in June 2011, LINE has more than 140 million users worldwide. It has also been ranked no. 1 in 43 countries in the free app category including Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Macau, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Latvia. LINE provides fun stickers that feature characters with distinctive personalities, games that enhance interaction with friends and foster friendly competition and Official Accounts that enable communication on a real-time basis with favourite celebrities, public figures and corporate brands.
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About LINE PLUS Corporation
LINE PLUS Corporation, the world’s leading mobile platform innovator, is a joint-venture entity between NHN Corporation and NHN Japan newly organized on March 1st, 2013. As a global smartphone life platform provider, LINE PLUS services LINE and its family applications to bring together innovative mobile messaging tool and new communication lifestyle. LINE PLUS Corporation was created to promptly react to the rapidly changing mobile messenger market and to strengthen its global business based on the industry expertise of its parent company furnishing a wide range of innovative and convenient online services along with optimized decision making structure, personnel system and organization culture.
LINE PLUS Corporation is located in Seoul, Korea.
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The Social Network Special Screening Tonight

I’m sure by now Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL have announced the lucky 90 bloggers who qualified for the special screening of the social network movie tonight.

Congratulations and enjoy the movie! :)


Check out some photos during the event HERE. Thanks to flickr subscriber, ebarrun! 😉