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Catch PowerBooks Greenbelt 4 PowerBarter!

Yes, the newly renovated, which they term the New Chapter, PowerBooks outlet at Greenbelt 4 has launched the PowerBarter. You can trade in your old books for new ones.

I only got wind of this promo last Sunday when I went there. And I found out that the PowerBarter is good only for all weekends of June. Well, we still have one more weekend, so we better catch it!

For more info, check out their website, too!

Ang Munting Prinsipe!

I was in National BookstoreShangri-la Plaza this morning because I was meeting a friend for lunch. We agreed to meet at the Fiction Section of National Bookstore.

I was there browsing, and imagine my surprise when I saw a Filipino (or should I say Tagalog) version of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince! I browsed the book, and it sounded good.

Now why didn’t I get a copy of it?

Pizza Hut Book It!

I am big on education, especially literacy. If we all are literate, then we won’t have the kind of  elected officials that we have now. If the surveys are to be  believed, just imagine how Erap even figured on the list as one of the leading candidates for presidency in the 2010 Elections. But that’s another story.

Let me go back to a much worthy news, the Pizza Hut Book It! program.

I went to their website, and what I saw were great opportunities to help build literacy. There are programs for school administrators, teachers, and parents. It’s cool.

The latest news says that Pizza Hut Book It! donates books to  Kids Foundation.

Recently, Pizza Hut’s Book It! Program showed these out of school children that Pizza Hut cares by granting some of their wishes to enable them to go back to school this year.

Pizza Hut Book It! Program, in partnership with the Department of Education, collaborated with National Book Store Foundation Inc. and donated school bags with study packs and reading books to KIDS Foundation for its upcoming event this July and September dubbed “TREK,” which will benefit far-flung public schools in the Philippines.

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Give Your English the Winning Edge Book Launching

Jose Carillo, nationally awarded writer and editor, and an internationally awarded corporate communicator, is launching his third book in the English-usage trilogy.

The event will be tomorrow, July 20, 2009, 3:00 p.m. at Sampaguita Hall, The Manila Hotel.

Jose Carillo won the National Book Award for Linguistics from the Manila Critics Circle in 2005 for his first English-usage book, English Plain and Simple: No Nonsense Ways to Learn Today’s Global Language.

Mid-2008, Jose Carillo released his second English-usage book, The 10 Most Annoying English Grammar Errors.

You can also check out his online English forum and his blog.

The i’s Have It!

We were malling last Sunday, and as usual as part of it was to visit a bookstore. We decided to check out the new and shiny National Bookstore Glorietta 5. :)

I saw there a number of new memoirs of John Grisham (The Other Side of Grisham), Isabel Allende (The Sum of All Days), and a couple others.

When I turned to the inspirational books, I saw it —  iGod: Prayers and Promises to Connect with Him.

Ever since the iPods came, people begin to ride on its popularity by using the “i” on their own creations. I see nothing wrong with it, actually. I just find it amusing, especially this book.