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On TVCs: The Devil is in the Details

The storyline is that the son is a  new student in school and wanted to play football with new classmates. Good!

Now focus on the son’s white shoes. The son was hesitant to play because he might dirty his shoes. But mother said, “Binyagan na yan!” 

“Binyagan” is a term in Filipino that means to baptize.  A local would understand the message as to break in the new shoes, and never mind if they would get dirty. The brand promotes the idea that children can go out and play and be dirty as long as they learn and have fun from it. After all, the moms have the Breeze laundry powder to rely on to clean the shoes or clothes afterwards.

Focus on the shoes again. They are not football shoes.

We were watching it one evening, and my younger son said, “Mama, if you play football with those shoes, your feet could hurt!” 

The shoes were sneakers, aren’t they!?!

Which got me thinking. The makers of the TVC should have been more careful. I’m sure there are plenty of white, shiny football shoes out there.