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Bag of Beans: Finding Good Food On the Road

If you’ve been traversing Tagaytay highway, I’m sure you’ve heard of Bag of Beans, may even have stopped by and sampled their goodies.

That was what we did two weekends ago. We had to visit a friend in Cavite and decided to go up to Tagaytay on our way home. Long way off, I know, but there was a long weekend, and so we wanted to just drive around.

Wizheart and I had the same thing in mind: we wanted some of the yummy goodies from Bag of Beans. When we got there, though, there was a long line for their English pies. Hmm we didn’t feel like lining up, so we settled for their loaf of bread instead.

As always we were not disappointed. We left the shop with this:

herb bread

herb bread

The moment we took out the bread, we knew it would taste good just by its smell alone. As we took a bite of the herb bread, it was indeed yummy: soft and the herb-taste is just right. We ate it even without any spread. We had green tea with it. Perfect!

This is definitely one stop you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Tagaytay!

115 Aguinaldo Highway Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City
Phone (46) 413 2724 or (916) 525 2382