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Kwentong Kalye 2: Why are you so excited, Manong?

Setting: In an FX Taxi (a Toyota van):

Female passenger (telling her companions): Hey, libre nyo naman ako.
(hey, take care of my fare ok?)

Another female passenger: hahaha…ganon!

Female passenger: Yes, Php12 lang naman.
(It’s only 12 pesos!)

Driver (overhearing the conversation): 13 pesos na po!
(It’s already 13 pesos.)

Female passenger: Ha? Sa Monday pa Manong ang fare hike ah. Masyado ka namang excited!
(What? The fare hike is yet on Monday? Why are you so excited, Mister!?!)


Beware of This Cab

A red light stopped our shuttle at De la Rosa corner Paseo de Roxas this morning. We were right at the back of The Enterprise building. The spot was busy with pedestrians and vehicles.

From the corner of my right eye, I saw a couple flagging down a taxi. Knowing the notorious cab drivers in the metro, who refuse passengers on a whim, I watched the scene, curious how it would go.

The guy opened the passenger door and found himself pleading with the driver. As I expected, the cab driver turned the guy down.

So whether you’re a frequent cabber or not, watch out for this cab.

snob cabbie