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Congratulations to the 3rd DigitalFilipino Web Awards 2009!

The two-day DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit culminated yesterday, November 13, with the 3rd DigitalFilipino Web Awards. The event was supported by SMILDS.com Philippines.

And the winners are:

Check out DigitalFilipino Web Awards 2009 website for photos and more updates.

The DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit 2009

Doing E-Commerce for Real!

The DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit 2009 is an intensive 2-day educational seminar on e-commerce strategies scheduled to take place on November 12 & 13, 2009 at the Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City.

We hope to make this an annual event that will provide an additional venue for learning among DigitalFilipino club members.

The event will focus on best practices (what to do, what not to do, execution, measurement) and we would like to have a great roster of resource persons who can share their insight & lessons learned.

We requested speakers to deliver talks on a big-picture perspective (keynote-style) discussing findings and insight that they haven’t mostly shared before but still reflective of their respective experiences.

We are targeting 150 to 200 participants for this event. Main audience will be DigitalFilipino club members, DigitalFilipino Web Awards past and current entries/winners, DigitalFilipino Social Networking Awards winners, SMEs, enterprises, and entrepreneurs at large.

This event is also targeted at:

  1. Entrepeneurs and business owners – Get insight from fellow e-commerce practitioners on what approaches they have taken to expand their business online and the challenges they overcome.
  2. Managers – Find out marketing and operations strategy, e-commerce practitioners embraced that worked and didn’t.
  3. Investors and business development consultants – Get insight that will allow you to see and/or validate opportunities that can be worth exploring in your current or potential investment portfolio.
  4. Educators and consultants – Based on experiences shared, get an idea on what critical skills and resources will be important for e-commerce aspirants to make it online.

Click here for the conference program.

Get a free delegate pass to the DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit here.

CarPartsMallph.com: The Best Aftermarket Auto Parts

Many Filipinos, especially men, love cars with a passion.  Many of these enthusiasts want to make their cars the baddest, best, or the fastest cars that they can afford. To be able to do that they go and find themselves the best aftermarket auto parts.

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With just one click at any time of the day, you can order replacement parts and have them delivered to you for free.

CarPartsMall provide body  kits for:

  • BMW
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