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World Class Education at Enderun Colleges

Quality education, like quality graduates, to me these days has become rare. It’s ironic really that at this day and age when schools have been sprouting everywhere, yet you can’t find good ones.

I know this because in the company that I work for, I interview applicants and many of them lack the skills—even the basic yet important communications skills—to help them get the job.

That is why when I heard about schools that offer world class quality education, I am happy. Enderun Colleges is one of them. The college is run like an  Ivy League university where faculty members are leaders in their fields and learning doesn’t stop in the classroom, but extends to internships in international hotels, restaurants, and business organizations.

Personally, I have confidence in Enderun Colleges because one of those who put up the school was a good friend of mine. :)

You may know more about Enderun Colleges by calling the Admissions Office at 856 5000 or logging on to www.enderuncolleges.com.