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PinoyBiz Fueling Pinoy Entrepreneurship

I see these colorful stalls on Pasong Tamo Extension, that part of Pasong Tamo that is already part of Taguig City and not Makati City.

These stalls are labeled, Forward Taguig-Global Kalinga-PinoyBiz. This project must be supported by Taguig City, Global Kalinga, and Pinoy Biz groups. From what I see, each stall is assigned certain products to sell. So, one stall sells fruits,  another fish, yet another meat or rice.

The stalls are standing on the  paved sidewalks along the streets. I’m not sure if the vendors have business permits or perhaps the city of Taguig has given them permission to sell.

Whatever it is, this idea of PinoyBiz is indeed fueling the spirit of entrepreneurship among Filipinos.