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Jollibee Opens at Alphaland Southgate Mall

Last April, I wrote about Southgate Tower rising soon on EDSA corner Pasong Tamo Extension. Well, four months later, the Southgate Tower Mall opens.

I caught the opening last week  (or was a couple of weeks ago), but I was on my way to work, and had no time to stop by for some photos. I’ve been meaning to. Perhaps, one of these days. :)

In any case, last Saturday, I passed by the Alphaland Southgate Mall again, and luckily was able to snap a shot. 😀 On the ground level of the mall are Jollibee, Chowking, Le Couer de France, Terriyaki Boy, The Sizzlin’ Peppper Steak, and BDO.

This place is gonna be another destination for Metro Manila commuters. For one, the mall is connected to the Magallanes MRT station.

Hey Mr. Electrician, be careful!

He is fixing electric wires along West Service Road, Paranaque. This is the corner going to Merville Park Subdivision, Moonwalk Village, and Multinational Village. :)

There used to be a Jollibee and Greenwich outlets here, but they had closed shop. The building is being fixed now. I think there’ll be more shops here soon.

Kwentong Kalye 1: We’ll still be cooking it, sir!

We decided to have lunch at Jollibee Merville one time. I was at the counter waiting for my order when I overheard this conversation between the old man (OM) and the counterlady (CL) on my right side.

CL: Sir, mga 15 minutes pa po.
(Sir, your order will take about 15 minutes.)

OM: Ha, bakit?

CL: Kasi, sir, lulutuin pa po, eh.
(We’ll still be cooking it, sir.)

OM: Ano, tanghali na magluluto pa kayo? Pambihira!
(What? It’s almost 12 noon, and you’re still going to be cooking? You’re impossible!)


Loose translation:
Kwentong Kalye = Pedestrians’ Stories

In local parlance, this is “Mga Kwentong Kalye.” Stories that we hear from the streets or things we experience on the streets.

If you have your own “kwentong kalye” do share them here. :)