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The Symphony of Parol at the Ayala Triangle Opens the Yuletide Season

Last November 17th, the Symphony of Parol also called by Ayala Land as Christmas at the Gardens featuring Parol, opened at the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

Wizheart and I decided to celebrate his birthday there during the opening. We were again awed by the symphony of lights (its name last year).

Take a look:

After that awesome display, we got hungry, and so we checked out the newly opened restos at the Ayala Triangle. Look which restos are there.

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Blessings & Prosperity Food Court Opens on Ayala Corner Rufino Streets

A new food court opens on Ayala Avenue and Rufino Street, Makati City. Called Blessings and Prosperity Food Court, it houses stalls that offer street food such as fish balls or kwek-kwek (quail eggs covered with flour and deep fried), or even siomai.

It’s a  welcome treat for all workers in the area. If you like eating street food in an air-conditioned restaurant, then this food court is for you. Check it out!

Being on the (Philippine) Streets

For the past couple of days, I witnessed helplessness in the face of an authorized-to-nab traffic enforcer.


I know my husband to be a careful driver and a law-abiding citizen. I am not saying this because he is my husband. He really is. His and my friends can attest to this. Despite that, he was nabbed for violating traffic rules twice.

The first one was on SLEX for running slow on a fast lane. The second incident happened last Sunday. He was arrested for beating the red light. Unfortunately, in the two incidents he was just a victim—he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. For who would be in his right mind would be slowing down on a fast lane? In last Sunday’s incident, it took place on the pedestrian lane between Glorietta and SM Makati (Yes, the beating-the-red-light regulation is enforced there. Surprised?!). He crossed the pedestrian lane on a green light but since the road was rugged because it was being reconstructed, the red light went on even before he reached the other side. But he was already an inch away from the finish-line so to speak. And he, who is a firm advocate of road courtesy and pedestrian lanes, would beat the red light? A good hour after, we went back to the same place and observed the motorists there. Many were beating the red light. Luckily for them, the traffic enforcers already were not around.

In both occasions, Wizheart had to surrender his license. I wonder what happened to the MMDA’s ticketing system where you get a ticket and you settle the penalty in the bank. That system is to me more in keeping with the times.


The other morning on my way to work, I saw a traffic enforcer again altercating with a jeepney driver at the West Service Road corner Merville Access Road. The jeepney driver—I didn’t know for what reason he was being arrested—refused to completely stop and give the traffic enforcer the chance to arrest him. The traffic enforcer even had to stand in front of the jeepney, but the driver didn’t budge. The traffic enforcer had no choice but to step aside. The driver took that chance to speed down the service road and escape. This was the same traffic enforcer who accused my husband of swerving, when Wizheart was only trying to avoid the out-of-line jeepney. He let go of us. Why? My observation below may explain that.

My observation.

In other countries, Filipinos are known to be good people—law abiding and hardworking. Why is it that here in their own country, many of them mess up?

I think because, we have reactive rules, and worse these reactive rules are implemented at random. Not clear. Illogical, even. Not consistent.

If you want people to follow the rules, be clear about your rules and implement them justly. But I’m just talking to my hand here really.

My (unsolicited) advice.

For pedestrians and motorists out there, pray every day that you won’t be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Eco-Plaza, Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati

This is a new building along Pasong Tamo (now Chino Roces Avenue) Extension in Makati City.

I first noticed this building when it was being built. I knew then it was something different because I noticed it was built like layers of terraces.

I cannot remember exactly when it opened, but the next time  I knew the building was finished. From the name alone, Ecoplaza, I’m sure it’s an environment-friendly building. Being one is something we really have to be from now on.

EcoPlaza address: 2305 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City.

CD-R King Opens on Arnaiz Street, Makati

CD-R King opens a new branch at Dona Concepcion Building on Arnaiz Street (formerly Pasay Road). The store is much more spacious, and has more items.

Getting there: From EDSA, turn to Arnaiz Street (formerly Pasay Road). Dona Concepcion Building is at the back of Rapide and Park Square 1.

Check it out!