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Ang Munting Prinsipe!

I was in National BookstoreShangri-la Plaza this morning because I was meeting a friend for lunch. We agreed to meet at the Fiction Section of National Bookstore.

I was there browsing, and imagine my surprise when I saw a Filipino (or should I say Tagalog) version of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince! I browsed the book, and it sounded good.

Now why didn’t I get a copy of it?

The i’s Have It!

We were malling last Sunday, and as usual as part of it was to visit a bookstore. We decided to check out the new and shiny National Bookstore Glorietta 5. :)

I saw there a number of new memoirs of John Grisham (The Other Side of Grisham), Isabel Allende (The Sum of All Days), and a couple others.

When I turned to the inspirational books, I saw it —  iGod: Prayers and Promises to Connect with Him.

Ever since the iPods came, people begin to ride on its popularity by using the “i” on their own creations. I see nothing wrong with it, actually. I just find it amusing, especially this book.