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Philippine Holidays and Long Weekends for 2010

January 1 (Fri) – New Year’s Day (five-day long weekend from December 30 to January 3)

February 22 (Mon) – EDSA Revolution Anniversary

April 1 (Thu) – Holy ThursdayApril 2 (Fri) – Good Friday (four-day long weekend from April 1 to 4)

April 9 (Fri) – Araw ng Kagitingan (three-day long weekend from April 9 to 11)

May 1 (Sat) – Labor Day

June 14 (Mon) – Independence Day (three-day long weekend from June 12 to 14)

August 23 (Mon) – Ninoy Aquino Day (three-day long weekend from August 21 to 23)

August 30 (Mon) – National Heroes Day (three-day long weekend from August 28 to 30)

September – Eid’l Fitr (to be announced, calculated September 10, possible three-day long weekend from September 10 to 12)

November 1 (Mon) – All Saints Day (three-day long weekend from October 30 to November 1)

November – Eid ‘l Adha (to be announced, calculated November 16)

November 29 (Mon) – Bonifacio Day (three-day long weekend from November 27 to 29)

December 24 (Fri) – Non-Working HolidayDecember 25 (Sat) – Christmas

December 27 (Mon) – Rizal Day (four-day long weekend from December 24 to 27)

December 31 (Fri) – Non-Working Holiday

January 1 – (Sat) New Year’s Day (three-day long weekend from December 31 to January 2)


Marriott Hotel Manila Opens in Newport City, Pasay City

Marriott Hotel Manila opens with two good deals.

First, their standard room is only $150++ a night. Guests who opt to spend a night or two at Marriott Hotel Manila will wake up to the majestic view of the adjoining 18-hole Villamor Golf Course.

Second, its Marriott Cafe is offering a 50% off on their lunch and dinner buffet (only PhP675.00 net for adults and PhP337.5 for children below 12). This promo is good until November 30, 2009. Marriott Cafe is open from Monday to Sunday.

With the brand of customer service that Marriott is known for, these deals and more are definitely worth checking out!

More photos of the hotel HERE.

Getting there:
Manila Marriott Hotel is at the new spunking Newport City in Pasay City. It’s in front of the Ninoy International Airport Terminal 3 (NAIA T3).

The hotels is accessible by cab or bus going to NAIA 3. Route taken may be through Tramo Street, Pasay City or through Villamor Airbase.

Contact Details:
Phone:  63 2 9889999
Fax:  63 2 8369998
Sales:  63 2 9889999 ext. 8014

Preparing for the Philippine Elections 2010 – Note #2

Demand and Supply by Boo Chanco
The Philippine Star, June 12, 2009

Look for managerial expertise

Today, Independence Day, is a good time to think about the qualities of the person we will vote for to be our next president. The recent two part ANC Leadership Forum should have provided clues on what to expect with each of the candidates. Unfortunately, neither of the two episodes got wide exposure. The other problem has to do with the danger of falling in love with the more telegenic and media savvy candidate.

Indeed, that seems to be the problem with the Filipino electorate. It is easy to get the ordinary voter infatuated with a candidate because of personality and other non important attributes. It is easy for the Pinoy voter to get taken by empty promises coming from a candidate with media sex appeal. That’s at the root of our problems.

That’s one reason why both Sen. Loren Legarda and Sen. Chiz Escudero are among the leading contenders even if they are the least qualified. Neither of the two from Danding Cojuangco’s NPC has significant managerial experience. Neither Loren nor Chiz has the track record to assure us they can run the massive bureaucracy called the Philippine government. We should learn from our experience with Gloria Magtatagal Arroyo. As such, all they can offer are promises. Ampaw is a good way to describe Loren and Chiz, which makes them ideal for the vested interests operating the NPC.

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Here’s Note #1.

111th Philippine Independence Day

Ate Rulina, our messenger, holding the two Philippine flaglets courtesy of Mercury Drug

The Philippines was under colonial rule for 400 years under the Spaniards, 46 years under the Americans, and 4 years under the Japanese. Because of this, many cultural and social practices had influenced the Filipino people.

It’s the first country in Asia to gain democracy, and 3rd largest English-speaking nation after the U.S. and U.K.

I hope we Filipinos will remember our rich colored past and get inspiration from it to go forward to true prosperity.

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Awesome Philippines, About Time!

From Wow Philippines to Awesome Philippines, yes, it’s about time that we discover our own country and show the world what it has to offer.

Many people say that we do have something to offer, far more and better than our famous neighbors. But there’s one thing we lack: being tourist friendly, or being world-class tourist friendly.

I hope DOT can address this and educate local tourism about it. What good are our awesome sights when our tourists get lost or taken advantage of along the way?

In any case, DOT and MTV Asia has launched the Awesome Philippines campaign. To know more about this campaign, check out the blogs below:

Noemi Dado’s and Melo Villareal’s

Hello Philippines!

Welcome to On the Streets!

On these pages, I will be featuring various and sundry scenes or happenings I will witness on the streets of Makati, Paranaque, Manila, Quezon City, and all other cities/towns in the Philippines.

I hope through this blog, you will get to see the real Philippines, visit the country, and learn all things bright and wonderful despite the seemingly chaotic existence. :)