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Check out Krazy Garlik!

I think it was about a month ago that I got invited to the soft opening of Krazy Garlik, and though a funny thing happened to me there, I enjoyed the food and the ambiance! ;))

Perhaps you would think that when you go there and eat you’ll leave with your mouth still tasting the garlic, or worse smelling garlic. But no, the garlic ingredient in every dish is so subtle that it just blends well with the rest of the ingredients.

Conclusion: Food at Krazy Garlic is really good! The dishes are a mix of Spanish, Italian, Mexican but with a twist of garlic in every dish.

Resolution: I went back there last night with my college buddies, Deng and Amay. Yes the three silly dwarfs stuffed themselves with seafood in coconut curry (my original fave!), crispy pata (my new fave!), and assorted mushrooms. Drinks were travel ____, chinese snowflakes, and pink slush. We ended dinner with peppermint tea (mine), coffee (Deng’s) and another tea for Amay. Too bad, we didn’t have cameras with us.

Here are the photos during the soft opening.

Krazy Garlik is on the 2nd floor, Greenbelt 5, Makati City. You may call them at 501-3752.

Bacolod’s Aida’s Chicken House is Now in the Metro!

Yes the famous Aida’s Chicken House of Bacolod City is now here in Makati. It’s at the basement 1 of Makati Cinema Square.

I sampled their chicken inasal (tender, juicy, and not at all oily, yummy!), stuffed spicy squid (equally yum!!), and chopsuey (lots of liver, veggies, yum!!!)

The ambiance is also good: cool jazz music and artworks (pen and ink, watercolor, wood sculpture) on the walls.

Check it out! 😉

Getting there:
Makati Cinema Square is on Pasong Tamo, Makati. Nearby establishments are Waltermart, Don Bosco Technical School, Don Bosco Church on Pasay Road.

You can take a jeepney or cab in going there.

Karate Kid on KPMG, Ayala Avenue

On my way to the office this morning, a lady handed me this flyer. Karate Kid is now on KPMG building, Ayala Avenue, Makati.

From the flyer, they have affordable bento and other Japanese meals and drinks. Plus they had delivery service!

So, this Thursday, my officemates and I will most likely try the resto out. 😉

We did and when we opened the Tonkatsu Bento, this is what we found:

so unlike from the photo, especially the tonkatsu, in the flyer and the taste is so-so (._.)

Click HERE for another resto on KPMG building, Ayala Avenue.

Pepper Lunch Opens at Shangri-la Plaza Mall

The first time I was made aware of this Japanese Resto, Pepper Lunch was in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell.

We were doing grocery at Rustan’s Supermart there when Wizheart and I saw long lines going to the Resto.

Now this popular DIY (do-it-yourself) Japanese franchise resto opens its second branch at the Garden Court (the mall’s posh food court) Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

Pepper Lunch popular fare includes beef pepper rice, Shimofuri pepper steak, chicken teriyaki, “shake shake” salads, molten milk chocolate cake. Its secret to the yummy meals is its patented electromagnetic hot plate  created by its owner-Japanese chef and inventor Kunio Ichinose. Kunio owns over 200 Pepper Lunch restos in Japan. The hot plate is heated up to 260 degrees celsius in one minute and stays hot for about 20 minutes. On this plate, the customers’ food preference (may compose of choice cuts of imported beef, chicken, pork, salmon, ang unagi, with vegetables and rice, and seasoned accordingly) are placed and cooked.

Check out the resto!