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Bulacan Pilgrimage – 2nd Stop: San Agustin Parish Church, Baliwag

After visiting The National Shrine of Divine Mercy in Marilao, we headed for the San Agustin Parish Church in Baliwag.

The Parish Church of San Agustin is striking not only for its massiveness but also for its lofty and airy bell tower. The facade is said to be baroque. It has two levels topped by a triangle pediment. The huge, unharmonized relief at the lower portion of the belfry was only a latter addition that entailed covering up the circular window.

Unfortunately, the facade is marred by a huge portico that blocks a good view of the church. The church is showing its age, too. The stones and bricks appear to be pulverizing and disintegrating. Also the presence of beggars and street waifs somehow spoil the area.

Also, we were not able to take photos as the church was dark and was being prepared for a wedding.

Check out the photos.