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Trying Out the e-Vehicles in The Fort

We capped Mother’s Day celebration last Sunday by trying out the battery-operated fiberglass tricycles plying The Fort.

I researched a bit about these trikes and only Good News Pilipinas gave me good answers. :)

These e-vehicles are Philippine made fiberglass-bodied E-3s that resemble huge golf carts powered by five 12V batteries, which need six to 10 hours of charging for a range of 100 to 120 kilometers at speeds of 30 to 45 kilometers per hour.

They are eco-friendly becausethey have no gas emissions, noise free, and health-friendly. The alternative transportation is also efficient, easy to use, more stable and safer for road travel.

“With the e-vehicles, consumption of electricity will only be P20 as against P200 of gasoline for the tricycles.”

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We had a fun ride, as our friendly driver gave us a tour of the shopping district of the Global City—from High Street to The Fort to Serendra and back to High Street. The ride was indeed noise-free, airy, and comfy.

The drivers don’t collect fees, but they appreciate a tip. I agree that they are indeed perfect for business districts, private subdivisions, resorts, and military camps.

My kids enjoyed it a lot that they had to ride the e-vehicle twice. :-)

What’s “In” this Summer is also “In” the Whole Year Round

There are two stores here in the metro that have been enjoying brisk sales year round. There is not a day that I don’t see these stores idle.

I think they’re off peak hours is only in the first hour of every day. 😀

Which stores are these? The Crocs and All Flip-Flops, which carry the Havaianas, of course!

sales at Crocs

sales at Havaianas

The photos were of Crocs and All Flip-Flops on High Street at the Fort.