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Lessons from Moving

Finally, we’re settled in our new office. But the process was mind-boggling!

Our first challenge was to find reliable movers to transport our stuff to the new address. We searched for local moving companies on the Internet and called up the company that was top on the list.

Unfortunately, the experience with them was a disaster. We set the moving out on a Sunday at 10 in the morning to make the moving as hassle-free as possible. About 9AM, I called the movers to re-confirm the appointment. The company told me that the truck and their people had already left, and was heading to our place. We waited.

By 11AM, no sign of the truck, no advice of any delay. So I called again, the trucking company, and asked about the truck’s whereabouts when it was already an hour late from our appointment. The person on the other line however went, “Since you’re angry at us now, I might as well advice my people to head back. Let’s cancel the appointment.” And he put down the phone.

The appointment was canceled just like that. Good thing, we didn’t make any down payment. So that first attempt at moving out didn’t happen. We had to reschedule and look for another trucking service. We were luckier with our next trucking service. This time the company was easy to negotiate, their trucking service on time (actually 5 minutes early). We hired them for the remainder of our moving-out days.

I’m sure if we had Houston relocation services here in the country, our move would have been made a lot easier and faster. When you’re moving, it pays to have a reliable moving company.

Trying Out the e-Vehicles in The Fort

We capped Mother’s Day celebration last Sunday by trying out the battery-operated fiberglass tricycles plying The Fort.

I researched a bit about these trikes and only Good News Pilipinas gave me good answers. :)

These e-vehicles are Philippine made fiberglass-bodied E-3s that resemble huge golf carts powered by five 12V batteries, which need six to 10 hours of charging for a range of 100 to 120 kilometers at speeds of 30 to 45 kilometers per hour.

They are eco-friendly becausethey have no gas emissions, noise free, and health-friendly. The alternative transportation is also efficient, easy to use, more stable and safer for road travel.

“With the e-vehicles, consumption of electricity will only be P20 as against P200 of gasoline for the tricycles.”

Read on…

We had a fun ride, as our friendly driver gave us a tour of the shopping district of the Global City—from High Street to The Fort to Serendra and back to High Street. The ride was indeed noise-free, airy, and comfy.

The drivers don’t collect fees, but they appreciate a tip. I agree that they are indeed perfect for business districts, private subdivisions, resorts, and military camps.

My kids enjoyed it a lot that they had to ride the e-vehicle twice. :-)

Beware of This Cab

A red light stopped our shuttle at De la Rosa corner Paseo de Roxas this morning. We were right at the back of The Enterprise building. The spot was busy with pedestrians and vehicles.

From the corner of my right eye, I saw a couple flagging down a taxi. Knowing the notorious cab drivers in the metro, who refuse passengers on a whim, I watched the scene, curious how it would go.

The guy opened the passenger door and found himself pleading with the driver. As I expected, the cab driver turned the guy down.

So whether you’re a frequent cabber or not, watch out for this cab.

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